It’s official: Isaac Leigh is our new SU president

This changes everything

After a hectic week of fierce campaigning, the results are finally in for 2015’s SU elections — Isaac Leigh has been elected the new SU president. 

In a Copper Rooms occupied mostly by candidates and their campaigners, the results for each position were announced in cruel X Factor fashion.

Foot in the door: Isaac

Our new leader: Isaac Leigh

Outgoing prez Cat Turhan and Democracy and Development Officer Rob Ankcorn delivered something of a cringeworthy double act to ease the tension.

As the results were announced for the smaller positions, anticipation rose for the conclusion to the presidential race to be announced at half past midnight.


Few candidates were one hundred per cent confident that they would win their position and agreed it was all to play for.

Finally, three hours into the results broadcast, Cat and Rob prepared to announce the new SU president.

Triumphant Isaac Leigh won with 1987 votes, beating Dan Goss with 1226, Andy King who won 939 and Stanley Dodd who scraped a lame 171.

In his acceptance speech, Isaac thanked his campaign team and supporters.

He also congratulated his rival candidates and said: “Thanks to my opposition, they ran their own campaigns, they didn’t smear mine.”

He finally thanked his girlfriend, Chloe, and Kat Turhan, for being his “inspiration” and encouraging him to run for president.

Among many promises, Leigh vowed to improve the catastrophe that is the U1 bus service, introduce a termly Vice Chancellor’s Question Time and remove contact hours from Freshers’ Week.

Warwick's new ruler

Warwick’s new ruler

The results for the other sabbatical positions are:

Postgraduate Officer: Nat Panda

Welfare Officer: Luke Pilot

Sports Officer: Alex Roberts

Societies Officer: George Creasy

Democracy and Development Officer: Oliver Rice

Education: Charlie Hindhaugh