Sussex Students’ Union launches RAG week

RAG stands for raising and giving

As described on the SU website, RAG Week is for different societies and clubs to raise money for their chosen causes at the same time. The week commences Monday 8th March at 9am and ends Friday 12th March at 5pm – that’s 92 hours to raise as much money as you can with your society or club for your chosen cause.

There will also be prizes available!

To get involved, speak to your fellow club or society members (committee or not) and create a group. Pick your charity or organisation to raise money for and plan how you will go about fundraising. Once you’ve figured these things out, go ahead and fill out an entry form.

Below are some fundraising ideas to get you started.

So, spread the word to your group chats and get fund raising!

All graphics created by Louisa Kazig