A lockdown miracle as Sussex student cracks five double yolk eggs in a row

It’s not all doom and gloom, there’s still eggcitement to be had in lockdown!

This past year hasn’t been filled with too much joy, but last weekend, in a University campus kitchen, a rare statistical event occurred. During the process of making some scrambled eggs Emelia Green, a University of Sussex student, cracked 5 double-yolk eggs successively into a bowl. Out of a box of 6 eggs, a normal egg came first, giving Emelia no warning of the spectacle that was about to take place.















After cracking the first egg, Emelia cracked her second into the bowl, but to her surprise, two yolks dropped in. She proceeded onto a third egg and to her astonishment another double yolker plopped out.

Her flat mates, astounded at the miracle taking place before their eyes, egged her on to crack another egg and as the tension rose, she slowly pulled apart the eggshells and a fourth double-yolk egg appeared.

The chances of five double-yolk eggs in a row seemed impossible, but Emelia knew what she had to do. Slowly and with much trepidation, she cracked the fifth and final egg onto the edge of the table and as the crack appeared like an iceberg, Emilia and her flatmates braced themselves for what was about to happen, and sure enough a fifth double-yolker fell into the bowl.

Now, I’m no eggspert but according to trusty old Google, approximately one in every thousand eggs has a double yolk. So theoretically speaking, this means that Emelia’s five in a row was a one in a quadrillion occurrence.

Speaking to the Sussex Tab about what its like to experience such an event, Emelia said “It was a crazy experience! I was shocked after the first one, let alone five! I bought the eggs from Sainsbury’s and thought nothing more of it, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I started cracking. My flatmates all said how amazing it was and knowing the odds I decided to buy a lottery ticket. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but still it was an incredible moment and I was left with a lot of scrambled egg!”











Despite the pandemic making things hard, its stories like these that keep us smiling! Thank you Emelia for sharing your eggciting story!