There are six types of remote learning looks and you definitely fit one of them

Duvet and blanket? Yeah, you don’t go to your lectures

We’re deep into our third national lockdown and online uni is still going strong. For many of us, the novelty of getting dressed up to appear on Zoom has worn off and we’re choosing comfort over style. And let’s be honest, getting dressed up for our online classes was just a way to keep us sane. Anyway, three lockdowns in and we’ve all adapted differently and this is most present through what we decide to wear for our online classes.

So let’s get straight into it, here is what your outfit of choice for remote learning says about you.


Let’s be real, you haven’t been paying full attention to your lecture, have you? You were just innocently replying to a housemate about who’s not done their dishes and suddenly 10 slides have passed and you’re completely lost. You’re present at your laptop but your mind is in bed – and that’s ok. Online classes are tiring and you’re just extra prepared for when the lecture is over and you can cross the room and go back to bed.


Okay, we get it, you managed to make a habit of exercising over the course of the last year – well done you. You set the bar high for the rest of us. It’s likely you got up early to work out before class or you’re getting ready for a HIIT workout from home. Either you work out and have a good routine set out for your day, or, you strut sportswear purely for the reason that it’s perfect and stretchy for that post-seminar snack.

Coordinated loungewear

You radiate influencer vibes. You have embraced lockdown life and made some solid investments. Your fashionable comfy set is aesthetically pleasing and you probably have an immaculate background to go with it.

Nice top and joggers

You’re a rare type who enjoys having their camera on. You like to show off your cool and stylish top whilst trying to convince everyone, and yourself, you have your life together. Everyone’s allowed their secrets, just make sure no one catches you when you stand up.

Duvet and blanket

Student houses are notoriously cold and it’s the perfect excuse to stay in bed.  We all know it’s wrong and we won’t learn anything from this lecture, but it’s the best guilty pleasure. Whether you’re hungover from yet another night of drinking with your housemates or, just taking the day off because you deserve it – get that attendance pin and turn your laptop off. Don’t let the negative energy of a lecture ruin your cosy vibes babe.

A pre-covid everyday look

I won’t lie, you may be one of the most impressive humans to exist. Anyone who starts their day with enough motivation to wear jeans is an icon in my books. Let me guess, you probably even made your bed today too? By the time the rest of your house is up you’ve already cleaned up from the night before and written up all your notes for the day – you’re equally admired and loathed. For you, lockdown life is effortless. Well done kid, you’re thriving.

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