Brighton and Hove Buses accepting contactless payments

Pay for journeys on B&H Buses by using contactless phones and cards

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Travellers can now pay for tickets by tapping phones or cards when they get on the bus.

No longer is it necessary to have the right change to travel around Brighton and Hove. This payment system has been in place since yesterday and is now available on all routes of the Brighton and Hove bus network.

Brighton and Hove buses are accepting Visa, Matercard and your phone through Apple or Andriod Pay, with the exception of American Express.

This is going to mean speedier boarding with less fumbling for change and less fuss for the busdrivers.

Managing director of Brighton and Hove buses' Martin Harris says: "We want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for people to catch our buses, so this is a breakthrough. No need to plan your journey or worry about having the right change. Just get on the bus and go."