Screw revision, here is what you guys are missing out on in Sussex clubbers of the week

Have you won anything?

Exam season has dropped but that doesn’t make any difference to these party people. Only the taste of tequila and Grubbs at 2am will make their worries disappear so whilst you hit the books, they hit the bar.

It only felt right that we acknowledged those people for making it out and so if you have been out in the past week, chances are you’re in here.

Stunners of the week

Sixth wheel of the week

A-team of the week

Flirt of the week

Exorcism of the week

Blue steel of the week

Runner up

Lad of the week

‘I’ll never let go Jack’ of the week

Photobomb of the week

Praise the lord of the week

‘Thanks for choosing me to be on clubbers of the week’ of the week

Thumbs up of the week

Runner up

Washing machine of the week

‘You can do another tequila’ of the week

Head illusion of the week

Inappropriate time for a photo of the week

Seeing double of the week


Fat Poppadaddy’s, Secret Discotheque and Friday I’m in Love photos courtesy of Coalition and The Haunt

C U Next Tuesday and Runway Fridays photos courtesy of Rox Promotions

Trash Mondays photos by MXL Media