Food hygiene ratings for Sussex food outlets revealed

Is your food safe?

Whether it’s mozzarella sticks at East Slope, a 14 inch pizza at Eat Central, or a chicken fillet burger with chips at Falmer, students are spoilt for choice with what they can eat.

Wanting to make sure that all of the food was safe and fit for consumption, we looked at the hygiene ratings for the food outlets registered on Sussex campus.

The Food Standard Agency (FSA), those responsible for conducting inspection, look out for how hygienically the food is handled, the condition of the structure of the building, and how the business manages what it does to make sure food is safe.

The end result is then figured out through a combination of these factors. On a scale from 0-5, anything that ranks two or lower has failed their inspection.

Below are the results for all of the registered food outlets within Sussex campus on the FSA’s website

The results (from lowest to highest):

Pearls bubble tea: 2/5 last inspected 23rd February 2016

The Co-op: 3/5 last inspected 27th October 2015

East Slope Bar: 4/5 last inspected 24th May 2016

Jubilee Cafe: 4/5 last inspected 30th June  2016

Dine Central 5/5 last inspected 27th October 2015

Eat Central and Street Food Van: 5/5 last inspected 30th June 2016

Arts Piazza: 5/5 last inspected 10th June 2014

Bridge Cafe: 5/5 last inspected 9th February 2016

Dhaba Cafe: 5/5   9th February 2016 

Doctor’s Orders Cafe: 5/5 last inspected 25th February 2016 

Falmer Bar: 5/5 last inspected 24th May 2016 

IDS Cafe: 5/5 last inspected 7th January 2015 

Library Cafe: 5/5 last inspected 25th February 2016 

Union Shop: 5/5 last inspected 30th June 2016 

An investigation in September 2016 found that 4 per cent of Brighton food outlets had failed their hygiene inspections. This mean that 32 out of the 668 registered food outlets at that time had failed.

To find the full list of food outlets and their hygiene ratings in the Brighton and Hove area, click here.

When we approached the union for a response, a spokesperson replied: “We are proud of very high food standards ratings, especially in Falmer bar and the Union shop.”

“The reason the score for Bubble Tea was low was mainly due to structural issues due to the shared facilities in the building back in February 2016.  We had worked with the Brighton and Hove City Council to address these issues which meant that Falmer Bar was then scored 5/5 in May 2016 when reassessed.

“We had assumed that Bubble Tea would get the same score in May but this was not applied due to miscommunication that the City Council recognised. The City Council have since agreed to come out to revisit the outlet free of charge and we anticipate that Bubble tea will get a 5/5 score this time given that the structural issues have been addressed and there were no other issues.”