Miles Markham is Sussex’s most eligible bachelor

‘I’m a bit of a BNOC, and am looking for someone of equal status – maybe a faculty member of some sort?’

The results are in. After a heated competition between 5 incredibly appealing lads, we have a winner for Sussex’s most eligible bachelor.

Congratulations Miles! Miles Markham secured a very confident win, 62 votes above second-place Joel to steal this week’s title (and our hearts).



Miles did indeed make us weak at the knees with his love for Ladles, Jubilee Cafe and, most importantly, memes.

When nominated for most eligible bachelor, Miles’ friend Zoe said “There’s no one quite like Miles”, and we can now confirm this statement. In his own words; “I’m quite edgy, I own a skateboard and have a kimono from Snoopers Paradise. I have a passion for dance and also have no sense of smell! I have quite a big nose, but I actually can’t smell, like I can fart and I can’t smell it! You can though haha.”