Sussex climbs Guardian league tables in a big way

We don’t want to brag, but this is really something else.

Forget the haters at Edinburgh,York, Bristol and Nottingham, we can now say that we are officially better than them.

Last year, The Guardian put Sussex in 43rd place in their uni rankings, but this year, we’ve climbed to victory, achieving 19th place overall.

Better than you.

The table takes many factors into account, including student satisfaction with courses and teaching standards, average entry requirements, and student to staff ratios, as well as the percentage of graduates who were employed within 6 months of leaving uni.

Library Cat probably also played a part.

Sussex is also smashing it in the individual subject stakes. This year, we are 8th in the country for English, top ten for Law, 20th in History, and 8th in Geography.

Varsity babes

As exam season draws to a close, we can well and truly be loud and proud about ourselves this year.

Despite the overpriced drinks at the Haunt, the sandwich-stealing seagulls and the mould in East Slope, Sussex really is a solid choice of uni.

This year we’ve seen bus fares plummet to £3, won varsity, and managed to go without any students occupying Bramber House.

In other good news, students who work for the SU are set to see pay rises within weeks, we’ve opened a chill new cafe on campus, and voted against banning tobaco from being sold on campus.

Raise your glass, your NOS, or your houmous, and celebrate a cracking year for Sussex.