Scotland is reportedly going into a two-week lockdown ‘at 7pm on Friday’

Minister Nicola Sturgeon could be set to announce a ‘circuit-breaker lockdown’

Scotland could be going into a “circuit breaker” lockdown which could last two weeks or more depending on the decision of Scotland’s first minster.

An NHS source has revealed “we’ve been told to expect it from 7pm on Friday,” The Sun reports.

This comes after new rules last month meant it was illegal for Scottish uni students to see their families, as laws banned separate households from meeting indoors.

There are hundreds of cases of coronavirus across Scottish unis, including St Andrews, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee.

Nicola Sturgeon has “hinted at pub shutdowns and new travel restrictions” but this has been criticised by legal experts who argue that “limited evidence rather than science seemed to be driving decision-making.”

Niall McCluskey, a human rights advocate, and Christian McNeill, a former tribunal judge, both wrote in a joint article “the impact on the economy, civil rights, mental health, addictions, domestic abuse and the NHS was becoming disproportionate to the infection risk.”

They went on to suggest a reason for the governments decision: “The answer might be that having conducted a highly effective psychological fear project against the population, restrictions are really popular,” saying “a vicious cycle has been created”.

The mini-lockdown may be timed with the Scottish schools half-term “a leaked Scottish Government document revealed”.

Scotland’s First Minister is set to discuss the issue with her cabinet “before potentially briefing parliament.”

However, public health experts have warned that “despite rising cases, any mini-lockdown should come later in the winter, at the point of maximum impact.”

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