Here’s why this year’s St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament will be the best yet

Only reason needed: there’ll be crepes

This Saturday, 21st April, the annual Charity Polo Tournament will be held at Errol Park. Money will be raised for Help for Heroes – a charity which aims to better the lives of current or previous servicemen who have been wounded or injured in the line of duty.

This truly is a charity event, with all profits to be donated to Help for Heroes.

Last year, the event made for some truly iconic photo shots from champagne bottles, a Lamborghini and even a tank. If that's not profile photo material, what is?

This year we've been promised great photo opportunities and good polo views for all attendees and all price points.

The event will see other university and private club teams, from across the UK, come together in Fife to play in the tournament. According to the committee, this year will see 'more and more teams seeing this as a premier destination for high class polo'.

Now, on to the number one reason why this year's tournament will stand out: the food. With some of best collection of vendors that St Andrews events have seen. Some of the highlights include babu kitchen, Blackhorn, Pizza Geeks, Cheesy Toast Shack and Crepe Shack. You can practically feel the worth-it calories.

Tickets vary from £25-£75 and it's all in good faith with the money going to charity. However, every attendee will get some form of champagne and that seems to make for a good afternoon.

Cheers to Polo for what is bound to be a great event. When you're feeling worse for wear on Sunday morning it's worth remembering that it's for charity too.