Freshers’ Fashion: Best-dressed for move-in weekend

We’ve pulled together the coolest comfy-chic looks

The Soton Tab was on campus and around halls this move-in weekend. We took pictures of the best effortlessly cool and comfy looks we spotted. Scroll down to see if you made the Soton Tab’s best-dressed list.


Gemma, first year psychology with Alicia, first year English and Music

Cym, first year Criminology and Psychology

Annabel, first year marine biology and oceanography with Amber, first year law

Cameron, Second Year Psychology

Huipan, first year finance and banking

Nathan, first year History, Jonny, first year medicine with Helena, first year Oceanography



Valerie, first year biology with Tiggi, first year history and philosophy

Tom, first year politics

Natalia, first year history with Zara, first year psychology