Why drunk girls in nightclub toilets are the nicest people in the world

“OMG you are like, so pretty!”

drunk drunk girls nice

Girls are often, usually unfairly, called ‘bitchy’ – and we all know that girl who just ‘doesn’t get along with other girls’.

But get a group of us drunk, squeeze us in to a nightclub bathroom, and suddenly we are all transformed into Saintly figures, concerned with the welfare of all those around us. Whether it’s passing out hair bands or sharing hand sanitiser when there’s no bathroom soap (gross), drunk girls truly are the best of humanity.

At no other time would you approach a drunken, crying stranger. Throw in a long bathroom queue and a couple of quad vods, and suddenly you’re a shoulder for Stacey to cry on after she saw her ex kissing that random girl.

Female students told us the nicest things strangers in club toilets have done for them.

“I had this really creepy guy following me around the club and I had lost my friends. I went to the toilets and met this lovely girl. She was like an adopted mum and walked me back to Halls! I even took some pictures with her and her friends” – Sarah, 2nd year English

Sarah with her adopted mum

“I once stole a bunch of balloons from a VIP table in a club and tied them to me. When I went into the toilets a random girl was crying because her friends were being horrible to her on her birthday, so I gave her my balloons and wished her a happy birthday” – Selin, 2nd Year Marketing

“I was having a chat with a random girl in the bathroom. When she found out what I was studying she said ‘You are what’s right with the world! Fix it! Fix it for us Lilly!’ She was very drunk and shouted the last bit” – Lilly, 3rd year Law

“Drunk girls tend to compliment outfits – I had one girl tell me she wanted to take a picture together because she loved my playsuit” – Frances, 3rd year Maths

“When I got abandoned by an ex boyfriend in a club, a girl brought me water and paid for my taxi home. I have no idea who she was but I wouldn’t have been able to get home without her” – Sophie, 2nd year English Literature

“I’ve been saved by lovely drunk girls passing me toilet paper under the door many times!” – Emily, 2nd year History

“I was hiding in the toilets from a creepy guy and a group of girls made a circle around me, and smuggled me back to my friends!” – Jess, 3rd year English

“I was in Jesters’ loos and crying about a messy break up I’d gone through. A girl came up to me asking why I was crying, and I explained the whole thing. She gave me a huge hug, told me I was beautiful and even fixed my eyeliner for me before catching up with her friends. She made my night and I will forever be grateful to her for keeping me presentable!” – Rachel, 3rd year Physics

Faith in humanity restored.