Getting to know Aerial Sport Society

Catchin up with Sassoc

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ShowcaseWe caught up with the self-professed “Dream Team” of Sassoc – Society President Sarah and Vice President Sami – to find out all about Aerial Sports at Southampton.

So what does your society actually do?

We’re the aerial sports society! We offer lessons in pole fitness, aerial hoop and aerial silks as well as workshops to try out other fun aerial equipment. Basically we’ll dangle upside down off anything we can! Whether you want to compete or perform or just come along and have some fun, we welcome all aerial artists!

When and where can we find you?

All the information about lesson times and socials can be found on our website and on our Facebook Group. Our society taster sessions are on Saturday 1st October 10-12 in the Activities Room in the Students Union. Times for lessons and practice sessions will be posted on our website closer to the start of term which can be found here.

Do you need any experience or equipment to join?

You don’t need any experience to join, most of our members started with us as complete beginners and we supply the aerial equipment! You just need some comfy clothes to wear to start with (leggings for hoop and silks, and shorts or leggings for pole). As well as being beginner friendly we also welcome experienced aerial artists with our intermediate and advanced classes.

What’s the most fun social your society has ever had?

This year’s after varsity celebration! We were celebrating Southampton’s victory and Sassoc’s 3 year winning streak! We’re also big fans of roosters/scoops socials!

What’s the best thing about your society?

Our annual charity showcase of course! This is where all of our members put together routines and show off to their friends and families. It’s always amazing to see such good quality performances from complete beginners and our members who compete on a regular basis in national competitions.

Does your society have any weird traditions?

Using ordinary everyday objects as makeshift aerial apparatus – this never fails to make any society outing very interesting.

Jesters or Sobar?

Jesters! Don’t ask such silly questions…