The easiest way to stay fit this winter

Turn those winter blues into sexy moves

Hoopla 1

Did you ever wonder why you ever bothered fussing over whether or not your uni house would have a garden? Let’s be honest, all the uni gardens end up being a jungle of weeds, a swamp for slugs and rats. For many, it’s a storage space for empty beer bottles or bikes. Some students just have a rather depressing concrete square.

But we can all make the most of this space! All you have to do is this 30 min workout!

1) Put on some loud sexy music (Spanish reggaeton is a good choice) and alternate your hooping direction each time a new song comes on. Everyone has a ‘weak side’, so we need to work on both to even up your stomach muscles.

2) To intensify your workout, do arm exercises with a pair of 1.5 Kg dumbbells. It will feel weird at first, like that ‘rub your belly, tap your head’ coordination, but your abs and arms will see the results!

3) Once you’re feeling confident, see if you can lift your knees up on every other beat. Or if you’re feeling naughty, see how low you can go to the ground without the hoop dropping.

Languages student Charlotte Osborn started hula-hooping this year and says “I can’t believe it, on my first attempt I couldn’t even keep the hoop up. I was so frustrated. But after 2 months of hoopla fitness, I’m hula-hooked! I never knew exercise could be so much fun”.

What about the rest of you? Let us know what you get up to in YOUR uni garden