I was in Paris during the attacks

A Southampton student left the 10th Arrondissement an hour before the attacks happened.

Currently on a Year Abroad in Paris, Angel Seeboruth has been working as an International Marketing assistant. On Friday night, she was in her flat with her friend who was visiting, when she found out that there had been terrorist attacks in the city.

We spoke to her over the weekend following the attacks:

“We heard on the news that there had been an attack in the city.

“We weren’t really sure where the attack was, how close to us they were and overall there was just so much confusion. It was terrifying.

“I go to the area where the attacks happened so often with friends for drinks. It’s a very relaxed area to just wind down and meet people.

“It’s a really lively area, full of young people and I was there only an hour before everything started.

“I was meant to be going back there later that night. We were going to go for a drink but my friend wanted to drop his bag off first.

“By the time we got back he said he was too tired to go out because of his journey. It’s crazy how lucky we were.

“It’s such a busy area, and Parisians know that too so they must have been terrified. I was in a restaurant only the other day that is right next to the Bataclan.

“Obviously the situation kept escalating as more attacks happened and that made it worse. We had no idea if they would come to the arrondissement I’m living in and start an attack there.

“Fortunately I was with my friend who is visiting from England so I wasn’t alone. I would have been in a state without them.

“I was able to contact friends in America and England as well, so I was getting comforted by a lot of people who helped me.

“Even as the night went on though it just became more scary as more people were said to have died. It was shocking, obviously you could never imagine these things would ever happen so close to you.

“When Hollande announced the State of Emergency I couldn’t believe it. It hasn’t happened for so long and it really bought it home how bad it was.

“Things seemed to have calmed down now, but everyone is still a bit nervous.

“Yesterday some people were out, most going to shops and other stores. People I know in the 7th Arrondissement only popped out to get food as they were staying home the whole weekend.

“Hearing speculation that there are armed attackers walking around Paris is scary, and it was terrible waking up to the sounds of sirens still.

“I think the only response, and reassuring response, is to try and keep going. Even though I feel terrified to go back outside.”