What can I do to spice up my sex life?

Jack and Jim, a little bit of a naughty one. My boyfriend and I have been together for a while now and things have become a little bit stale in […]

Jack and Jim, a little bit of a naughty one. My boyfriend and I have been together for a while now and things have become a little bit stale in the bedroom and I cant help but feeling he’s getting bored, what can I do to “Spice” things up a bit?

naughty night in.

Thanks for your question Laura. This can happen in a long term relationship, thankfully there’s several things you can try that Jack and Jim can vouch for and can guarantee will spice things up.

Firstly there’s the good old fashioned tug. This might seem a bit boring but here at Jack and Jim we feel that the tug should never be underestimated. There’s nothing quite like it, done well it treats the man to a basic pleasure without him exerting any effort, he can just relax and enjoy. Although it might not seem new, if you can perfect your technique and treat him every now and then we can guarantee he wont get bored, some even say they prefer a tug to a blowjob. There’s a large variety of techniques that you can use, most of them can be found using the link.


Next we have the inevitable dressing up for your man. There are many different ways to please him and it often depends on your mans own “fantasies”. A trip to our sponsor, Ann Summers should give you a variety of options. The classic that all men can’t deny they enjoy is their girl in a naughty negligee and stockings treating him to a night of passion. Jack and Jim certainly rate this approach and feel that it is something special for both of you to enjoy.

There is also for the more racey and daring, the role play option. Speak to your boyfriend and subtly find out his wildest “fantasies” from him. Doing something like this could really excite him and shows your willingness to please. Im sure we don’t have to give you any examples, however a good friend of ours, Dave Lack, suggested he would enjoy being Superman with his girlfriend bearing kryptonite therefore rendering him powerless before her.

Finally we have spicing up the sex itself by using a variety of positions and unusual locations. I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that there is a huge number of positions that can be used and information on these can be easily accessed via the internet. As well as the basic ones we have the asian cowgirl, the jackhammer, the wheelbarrow and the little dipper to name but a few.

In terms of unusual locations use your imagination and maybe ask him if there’s anywhere in particular that he has always fancied doing it. Some suggestions we’ve had include in a park, in a car, on a train/plane, at an ice rink, in the library or at a football match, or basically anywhere that could make things a bit more exciting.

Or if all else fails…..anal, after all the well known statistic says that only 4% of those who have done anal end up getting divorced, probably.

We’re sure this should give you a few ideas to go on with. If in doubt, always ask Jack and Jim!