Eight uni moments that shouldn’t be embarrassing, but are

These moments would instantly give anyone the ick

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in awkward situations. Whether it’s falling in front of your long-term crush or knocking a box of eggs off the shelf in Aldi, we’ve all been there.

However, for whatever reason, these sort of moments become indescribably awkward when they occur at uni. Perhaps it’s the harsh reality that sets in when you realise that no one is cool enough to avoid being embarrassed. Even if you have a mullet and listen to The Strokes all day long, I’m afraid these moments will happen to you too.

So, here’s a list of things you’ll find yourself doing at Uni, that are embarrassing even though they shouldn’t be.

1) Getting your weekly Aldi shop and having to carry it all the way back home

It’s one thing spending 30 painful minutes trying to make your way around Aldi, but carrying two huge shopping bags home with you is worse. Even worse when you have to stop for a break because your fingers are too sore.

2) When your tote bag keeps slipping off your shoulder

And you have to do the little squat-jump to get it back up.

There’s nothing worse really. You probably have your laptop, purse, water bottle, and god knows what else in there. It’s bound to happen but it’s just SO embarrassing.

3) Trying to explain to someone where you’re from

Most people haven’t heard of Southend before, so you end up saying Essex, which often still isn’t clear enough, so you give up and say “about 45 minutes east of London”. (It’s hard work being a southerner up north).

4) Doing your washing

Finding an empty machine, emptying your laundry bag in to it, dropping things on the floor; an endless list of embarrassing scenarios.

Not to mention the lift full of people waiting for you to squeeze in with all your laundry.

5) When you lose your friends in a club and can’t find them for ages

You end up trying to text them and send photos of your current whereabouts, which is useless since you can never get an internet connection in a club, and they don’t end up seeing your message until the next day.

I mean, what do you do? Blend in with a huge group of randomers? Dance without a care in the world?

The most likely option tends to be standing against a wall on your tip-toes and peering over people’s heads to try and spot a familiar face. So embarrassing.

6) Moving into or out of your flat

The first day at uni is embarrassing for everyone. Walking in to a flat or people you probably don’t know with 500 bags and boxes under your arm isn’t the most relaxed feeling in the world…

Being spotted carrying your pink bedding shouldn’t be embarrassing, it’s just a duvet, but it just is embarrassing.

7) Trying to cook in your kitchen when your flatmate has friends round

There’s no worse feeling than walking in to the kitchen to see five strangers sitting on the counters. At least until you start trying to get to your cupboards and your fridge by saying “excuse me, sorry” a million times.

They end up just watching you cook from a distance, judging your every ingredient. It’s so embarrassing.

8) Asking a question in the group chat and getting aired

All you want to know is where tomorrow’s lecture is, or what time the assignment is due, and all 48 people air you. This is so humiliating that everyone else (who hasn’t bothered to answer) gets second-hand embarrassment for you.

They probably don’t know the answer themselves, but it would make you feel so much better if they just said that, instead of outright airing you.

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