Dr Alex is going back to university to study for a Master’s

He got an unconditional offer, naturally

Love Island 2018’s Dr Alex George has revealed he’s heading back to university to get a Master’s degree. Dr Alex, who already has a degree in Medicine from Exeter University, is now studying on a further two-year course.

The 31-year-old will be heading to King’s College in London, enrolled on the Public Mental Health Master’s course from September. Posting on Instagram, he said: “It is a dream come true to study here and I will be learning from the very best. Can’t wait for my student discount card me. See you all in September!!!!”

Dr Alex George is going back to university to get a Master's Degree

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In a YouTube video explaining his decision, Dr Alex said he thinks his role as Ambassador for Mental Health with the government is a life-long commitment, and he always wants to learn new things. “I believe the work I’m doing in mental health will be a life-long job,” he said. “I think it will take my entire lifetime to do the things I want to achieve. I think it’s very important to recognise areas where you can improve your knowledge and become more knowledgable and I guess have more insight into what’s going on. I’ve always wanted to do a Master’s, I’ve always wanted to go back to uni. So I thought, ‘why don’t I go back and do a public mental health Master’s?’ It’ll help me with my understanding and give me knowledge I don’t currently have.”

In February last year, Dr Alex was appointed as Ambassador for Mental Health by Boris Johnson. In his role, he has been working closely with the government to make mental health a priority. “I got into this role with a baseline understanding of this area and I’m very passionate about this, but it is a learning process,” he explained in the video. “As doctors, we’re life-long learners – we’re always learning, studying and doing exams. Yeah, I thought let’s apply. It’s at King’s College and I found out last week I’d got an unconditional offer which is really exciting. I’m so happy.

“I applied in the normal route, did all the normal things and it’s a project I’m funding myself. You know sometimes people think, ‘is he getting the government expense to pay for it?’ I’ve always said it, I don’t take a penny from the government for any of the work that I do and it’s the same with this Master’s.”

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Dr Alex explained it is about 10-years since he graduated from his first degree at Exeter, and his Master’s degree is online and he can do it from his HQ office. “I can’t wait to start now, it’s going to be really cool,” he said. “We’re visiting King’s tomorrow, going to go and see the library there, check it out. I hope in a few years I can get a picture of me graduating and put it alongside me visiting and alongside me graduating with my doctor degree – it will be about a decade between my graduations.”

The Master’s is over two years and is a distance Master’s with a lot of online learning modules. Dr Alex also said his now no longer working in A&E, as he believes he can have a bigger impact with the new campaigns he is doing with his platform.

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