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Does the world have more wheels or more doors? A highly scientific investigation

Natural selection will soon wipe out those who are team doors

Back in 2016 everyone on this silly piece of floating rock was stuck debating the colour of a dress which was clearly black and blue. However now we’re all stuck in a chokehold by the biggest question to date: Does the world have more wheels or more doors?

Earlier this week, Twitter user Ryan Nixon asked his followers to settle an argument for him. He created a poll with the question: “Do you think there are more doors or more wheels in the world?” Within 24 hours he had over 223,000 responses and the results were very close. Just over 53 per cent of people believed the correct answer was wheels.

The debate, however, doesn’t stop there. People all over the internet are debating if the world has more wheels or more doors and the arguments are interesting to say the least.

Obviously it is impossible to know the exact answer of how many doors and wheels there are in the world. But lots of people have shared very interesting theories to support their beliefs. For example, yes cars have four wheels but the average car also has five doors. That is possibly the most boring sentence ever but what I’m saying is people have really, reaaaaally deeped this debate. You can cast your votes below but first here’s evidence in support for both arguments.

The more wheels than more doors debate

A lot of people who are team doors think they’re highly intellectual by saying the average car has five doors and only four wheels. But these mere mortals fail to remember the fact many cars have a spare wheel in the boot plus an additional steering wheel. And have we forgotten about the existence of suitcases? Eighteen-wheel lorries? TRAINS?? Even the wheels in the dishwasher which helps ease pulling the tray out.

Evidence supporting the more doors than more wheels debate

Advent calendars is probably the best argument door people have – I’d even go as far to say it’s the only leg they have to stand on. Yeah sure you’ve got big cruise ships too but are team door people really trying to tell me ships aren’t steers with WHEELS? Come on now. Time to grow up and fact facts. But before you do that, vote below and have your say once and for all.

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Door photo by Robert Anasch and wheel photo by Oleksandr Horbach on Unsplash.