Here are eight reasons why you should write for The Sheffield Tab

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At The Sheffield Tab we’re always looking for new writers. As Sheffield’s very own “gossip girl”, writing for The Tab is a fun and exciting way to talk about things you care about.

You don’t need to be experienced, just a passionate individual who wants to join a leading team of student journalists.

If you’re interested in writing for us, contact us on our Instagram or Facebook page.

There’s a lot more to The Tab than just writing, so here are eight reasons why you should join us!

1. You can write almost anything

As long as it’s something Sheffield students would be interested in reading, you can write anything.

From random quizzes to breaking news articles, it’s entirely up to you what you write. The more passionate you are about a topic, the better your article is likely to be, so write about topics you enjoy.

We welcome any kind of ideas and pitches!

2. It doesn’t matter what experience you have

There is absolutely no experience required to write for The Tab. We welcome students of any age from both of Sheffield’s uni’s. Our team of editors and writers are super friendly and are there to support you with every step of the writing process!

You can get your very own Tab top

3. It’s a unique way to boost your CV and gain experience

If you’re thinking of a future career in journalism, writing for us gives you unique experience and allows you to expand your skills.

Not only is writing for us a super fun thing to do, it’ll also help you with your university studies and future prospects, as it looks fantastic on your CV. Having a really strong writing portfolio from The Tab will boost your applications, as future employers are certain to know who The Tab are.

And even if you don’t want a career in journalism, writing for The Tab is still a huge credit to your abilities and gives you experience of working within a team of passionate individuals.

4. You’ll be writing for a widely recognised newspaper and our stories get picked up by national newspapers

Our website is looked at by writers and editors at editorial newspapers, and sometimes our articles get picked up and written in them.

The Tab’s articles have previously been picked up by The BBC, The Daily Mail, ITV and more.

Your story could be nationally recognised!

5. You’ll be involved in a national team of writers, with support from full-time journalists

As well as being a part of The Sheffield Tab, you’ll also be supported by  The Tab’s national team. The national team are run by full-time journalists, who can help and support you with writing and publishing articles.

This gives you the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge, by talking one-to-one with our national team. Most of the national writers started at their university’s Tab, so they can offer you the best advice from their own first-hand experience.

It doesn’t matter what uni you go to!

6. We get the best gossip directly from students

One of the best parts of writing for The Tab is the fact that you can write about all the latest campus gossip.

Writers for The Sheffield Tab often publish campus stories about accommodation, uni buildings and students’ favourite places to eat in the city.

Our Instagram is very popular amongst students, so our writers often produce polls, votes, and quizzes on there to get people’s opinions on current topics.

The secret to being a great Tab writer is just by being the person people want to tell interesting stories to. Ideas for articles are often suggested by our editors, but writing for us means you can write pretty much anything you like, including all your latest uni stories.

7. You’ll get to break stories that students care about

Many of our writers use their platforms to break stories that they feel passionate about, and that they think other students will care about too.

Writing for The Tab means you can give attention to a topic that deserves it. You can write about things that matter to students, like mental health, racism or staff strikes.

Some recent articles have involved the UCU strikes, where writers have interviewed students who were occupying university buildings, and had the opportunity to break live stories.

If you write for us, you can be the heart of student news and share stories that people will talk about.

8. It’s an opportunity to meet some fun and interesting people!

Not only will you be working with a fantastic team of writers, you’ll get to interact and socialise with the most interesting people on campus.

Writing your own articles means you can get opinions of people around you, and interview people for your topics.

Joining us means you’ll also gain so many new friends. We have socials and meetings to discuss new ideas, but mainly just to have a good time together and become super close friends.

If writing for The Sheffield Tab interests you, contact our social media accounts (Instagram & Facebook) … we want you!

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