‘She threw up outside her front door’: Sheffield’s worst dating stories

‘My Tinder date took me on his drug runs’


As the season of love rolls around again and endless Instagram stories of annoyingly happy couples fill your phone, you might begin to question whether to re-download that dating app you got rid of before Christmas. What harm can it do? You might tell yourself.

Well, to balance out the social media PDA’s we asked Sheffield students for their dating horror stories and from their responses, Sheffield’s dating scene definitely does not pass the vibe check. Whether it’s being introduced to your blind date’s mum or finding out your someone’s side piece, their stories will scare you off those dating apps and have you declaring you are ‘self-partnered’ for good.

So, if you need some reassurance that being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t as depressing as you think, check out what you (won’t be) missing out on.


‘She went to the toilet, and I saw her walk out of the restaurant five minutes later’

Pretty standard this one, but brutal.

‘We went to the Washy and he asked if I wanted some coke’

Maybe he meant a drink?

 ‘She brought her mum on our first date. I met her and her mum at the same time’

Always good to get on good terms with the future in-laws early.

‘We went to the Botanical Gardens and he shouted at the squirrels’

This reminded me of the Friends episode where Rachel dates the angry guy who shouts at the birds. Massive, massive red flag.

‘Tinder date said he would take me for a milkshake but actually took me on drug runs with him’

I was very intrigued by this one. Apparently, his drop off route took him a 40-minute drive outside the city. In my book that’s kidnapping.

‘She got so drunk and when I walked her home she threw up outside her front door’

What a lovely hungover cleaning task that would have been in the morning.

‘Took me to where his ex works and stared at her all evening’

The audacity…

‘I went round to his house and his room was so messy he couldn’t open the door properly’

This has properly given me the ick. 

‘He told me he broke up with his ex because she was too emotional’

Nothing screams “I need a therapist” more than this man.

‘Ghosted me after our first date. I saw him a week later holding hands with another girl who was his girlfriend of several years.’

Throw the whole man away.

‘He told me the details of his IBS on our first date’

Probably at least second date type of chat.

‘Dated a really nice guy for a few months until he blocked me suddenly. Turns out his girlfriend had come back from travelling.’

Maybe he thinks it’s not cheating if the other person isn’t in the country.

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