Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: A lot to see in week three

Bananas, an inflatable horse and lots of Where’s Wallys

As the countdown to Christmas begins, here’s our week three round-up. Get ready for bananas, an inflatable horse and lots of Where’s Wallys.

Couple of the Week


Together, forever. We’re Linda and Heather. BEST FRIENDS.

Runners up

Cheers to a good night

Looking like a year seven boy with your JD P.E bag

You’re the jam to my bread

It’s the glasses for me

Stunner of the Week


Main character energy

Runner up

Minnie Mouse slaying

Minnie Mouse slaying

Pure vibes

Creeper of the Week


Thumbs up if you’re having a good time

Runners up

Loving the dramatic embrace of the Maida sign

Multiple creepers caught off guard

You’re a wizard, Harry

Smiley, happy people

Album Cover of the Week


Who bought their grandad to the club?

Peace and Pout of the Week


Finn’s vibes are immaculate

Runners up

Britney and a banana walk into a bar…

You can leave your hat on…

Third Wheel of the Week


Someone didn’t get the bandana memo

Runner up

So many moods in one pic

Best of the Rest


Good vibes only!

Hot girl energy

Ride ’em cowboy

Cringing at my grandad in the club

Instagram caption: Me and the boyzzz

Where’s Wally?

Everybody in love, go put your hands up

Photography credits:

Joseph Clarke (Maida Mess Wednesday’s)

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