A guide to the best Sheffield coffee shops to study in

I’ll have a latte with a side of sticky notes and deadlines please

Picture this, it’s exam season, you’ve made yourself a cuppa and you’re getting ready to face a long revision session in your bedroom. You begin to read through the never-ending power point slides. Before you know it, three hungover flatmates pile into your room, your landlord arrives and the neighbours are listening to D&B full volume…again.  

Does this scenario sound all too familiar? Are you struggling to revise in a chaotic university house?

Here is The Sheffield Tab’s guide to the best study spots in the city, to help you get your head down and actually do some work.

Tamper Coffee – Arundel Street 

This little find is perfect for Hallam students at city campus, located right next to Cantor building. 

The interior is complete with exposed brick, wooden furniture and hanging plants – giving it that young professional coffee break vibe. It’s extremely relaxed and they certainly know how to provide a delicious cup of coffee, which is a must when keeping motivated. As if that wasn’t tantalising enough, the free Wi-Fi allows it to become the perfect study zone. 

Disclaimer* It can be busy during breakfast and lunch hours so ensure you pick the right moment to claim your study spot.  

Coffika – Ecclesall Road 

If you want to spend your morning people watching with avo on toast and a mocha – Coffika is the one. 

With a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and a menu with everything from eggs benedict to stacked Nutella waffles, this cafe is everything a student looks for in a study space. 

Coffika has plenty of tables, inside and out, so you can choose your perfect revision space. Whether it be by the window or on the comfy sofas, you can daydream and watch the world go by – anything to procrastinate ey?  

You can order coffee via the app straight to the table, so you can maintain your caffeine levels without even moving from your seat.

Nam Song – Broomhill 

This is a slightly different vibe to our other contenders, as it is a Vietnamese inspired café.  

Complete with hanging lanterns, vintage Vietnamese posters and orange painted walls, the interior will enhance your main character studying life and provide a perfect post for your Instagram story.

Nam Song offers a traditional menu complete with Pho bowls, spring rolls and authentic Vietnamese Phin filter coffee. For anyone that enjoys an aesthetically pleasing work space, this cafe is perfect for you. 

Disclaimer* In line with its Vietnam inspiration, it is certainly a busy little gem. If it is a relaxed environment you’re after – it may not be the best revision hub for you.

Costa – Broomhill 

Sometimes, just stick to what you know.  

We’ve all been to Costa and sometimes it’s nice to know exactly what you’re in for. It isn’t named the UK’s best loved coffee shop for no reason.  

Complete with free wifi, Costa is the kind of place you could stay all day with no time limit. Got your Costa Club Card? Even better.  

Complete with an endless coffee menu and plenty of snacks to keep you going, this coffee shop is always a safe bet.  

200 Degrees Coffee Shop – Division Street 

With a similar interior to Tamper coffee, this modern café is great for students and young professionals who need a place to dive into their study zone. Complete with cosy seats and large windows, you can watch the world go by with a smooth cup of coffee as you tackle your revision notes. 

The café is called 200 degrees as they roast their coffee at a lower temperature, giving it a smoother taste. After your long study session, why not explore the nearby vintage shops on your way home. 

Coffee Revolution – Sheffield Students’ Union  

The coffee shop that’s exactly where you need it, if you go to the University of Sheffield of course. 

Located in the Student’s Union, this is great for a brainstorming spot in between lectures. Not only does it offer a wide range of coffees, cakes and pastries but it’s run by your fellow students. They understand the grind, so there is no pressure to leave – even if you should probably start paying rent.  

There’s nothing quite like a cup of hot coffee and a pain au chocolat to help you smash your deadlines. Say goodbye to studying in your hectic university accommodation and venture out into the city to a coffee shop near you today.

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