Someone has turned Conduit Road into ‘Condom Road’ in a stroke of creative genius

A sex safe message? Laddish banter? We’ll never know

As if it wasn’t rewarding enough to reach the top of Conduit, now you’ll be greeted with a street sign reading ‘Condom Road’.

The changes appeared sometime before the 23rd of October and have yet to be removed.

Was it the peak of drunken humour way back from Roar or could it have been a safe sex message to all students before Halloween nights out?

Either way, if you’re still up for it after taking the hike up Conduit, you’ll definitely need that friendly reminder to ‘stay safe’.

But this isn’t the only joke on Conduit. The residents obviously love a good prank, as someone has also glued a pound coin to the ground at the bottom of the hill.

Condom Road shows no sign of changing so now the worst hill for Sheffield students is officially named after sexual protection as a friendly reminder to stay safe.

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