Student petition for more lighting in Sheffield’s parks passes 3,000 signatures

Let’s stand up to street harassment and improve lighting in our green spaces

A new petition has been launched to get the council to implement better lighting in parks across Sheffield.

It was created by Evie Hairsine, a second-year Politics and International Relations student at The University of Sheffield. It already has over 3,000 signatures.

It’s part of a new project created by the campaign group ‘Our Bodies Our Streets’, which Evie is the founder of.

Sheffield is one of the greenest cities in the country, great for outdoor exercise and activities. But the lack of lighting in the city’s green spaces makes it feel unsafe to use these outdoor parks when it gets dark.

As the nights get darker earlier in winter, the problem is made worse. Lockdown has highlighted this further and the need for fresh air and exercise is even more important for the people of Sheffield at the moment.

Evie told The Tab: “I think it’s important for the council to introduce more lights because they ensure all citizens more equal access to green space.

“I think one of the best things about Sheffield is the abundance of green space and wildlife, but many people (mostly, but not exclusively women, LGBTQ+ people and other marginalised groups) feel unsafe in them at night due to the heightened fear of sexual assault.

“Some people have no choice but to cut across a park on their way to work or uni, so it is the duty of the council to make them feel safe and welcoming. Introducing lights will help more people to get active in lockdown and feel free to exercise at the time they prefer.

“This has really vital physical and mental health benefits that should be afforded to all citizens. This is a great time to work on the issue because we need to get the attention of the council before it gets light and is forgotten for another year as it gets lighter again. ”

Evie, founder of Our Body Our Streets

If the campaign is successful, Evie hopes to see the council install substantial lighting in a variety of parks across Sheffield. These parks will include: Norfolk, Meersbrook, Hillsborough, Roe Woods, Millhouses, Bole Hills and Endcliffe Park.

More information about the project can be found on Our Bodies Our Streets Instagram page.

The link to the petition can be found here.

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