These 26 memes perfectly sum up how it feels to be a uni student right now

Hello Boris, we still exist!

Last night, England and Scotland entered a third lockdown to contain the new strain of Covid-19. In Boris Johnson’s 8pm announcement, he urged the public to stay home and follow the latest government restrictions. He addressed the closure of primary schools, secondary schools and colleges but, once again, failed to mention what another lockdown meant for university students. Are we even surprised at this point?

As students were left in the dark about their return to university, they turned to their favourite form of stress relief to air their feelings and find unity in their problems: Twitter.

By 9pm, Twitter was filled with memes and videos as emotions ran high. So in lieu of any actual government support, here are 26 memes to get you by:

1. Don’t worry Boris, we’ll just sit tight and patiently wait for the government to start caring

2. When lockdown three was announced. Family Zoom quiz anyone?

3. Trying to figure out how we can sneak back to our university accommodation without anyone seeing us

4. Boris to his MP’s after the 8pm announcement:

5. How every university student was dressed watching the 8pm announcement

6. If we don’t laugh, we’ll cry

7. Still making us pay nine grand a year for Zoom seminars

8. The government’s plan all along…

9. When Boris is asked about his plans for universities…

10. The government watching us crumble under the stress of online university

11. University? What’s that?

12. Still working out what we want to know about first – the fishing trip or whether students can return to university

13. At least someone’s looking for the positives in all this

14. University students being left to fight their own battle

15. How we’ll all look after completing online university from home

16.When we speak up about our university problems

17. If we’re so invisible, maybe we can sneak back to university accommodation without anyone noticing

18. Emojis expressing all the feels

19. The government pretending not see how stressed university students are

20. When we realise we’re stuck in lockdown with our family until mid February

21. If university was a TV show, this would be our theme song

22. Holding back the tears after we realise we won’t see our university mates until at least February

23. When the 8pm announcement ends and the word ‘university’ wasn’t mentioned once

24. When we asked what the plan is for university students

25. How we’re all going to look returning to the clubs when they finally open

26. I guess I’ll just procrastinate some more

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