Beth Eyre elected next Sheffield SU president

She succeeds Jake Verity

Beth Eyre has been elected as the next president of the Uni of Sheffield’s students’ union.

The third-year history student said she was “speechless” at an awards ceremony in Foundry tonight.

She emerged victor after a four-way contest against fellow candidates Dom Fairbrass, Fleur Delugar and Joshua Glicklich.

Her campaign was centred around making the uni more sustainable, with her manifesto also pledging to introduce lessons in life skills, and transport from home to university for disadvantaged students.

Eyre will succeed Jake Verity to begin the role in the summer.

The other students elected tonight are:

– Holly Ellis as welfare Officer

– Luri Montenegro as International Students’ Officer

– Jordan Weir as Development Officer

– Joel Kirk as Activities Officer

– Matt Graves as Sports Officer

– Lily Grimshaw as Women’s Officer

– Ellie Lynas as Education Officer.