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It’s official! Here is Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Don’t all slide into their DM’s at once


The results are in and the time has come to finally announce Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette of 2019. Hundreds of you voted and it was a pretty close race but we are buzzin’ to announce that your winners are… Harry Goddard and Zoë Rubins!

Bachelor of the year: Harry Goddard

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Harry has been described by his mates as “smooth-talking, affectionate and frustrated” and they hope that winning will “give him the boost in confidence he needs to find himself a real life girlfriend” so get sliding into those DM’s gals!

He told us that he thinks his victory was unexpected and went on to say:

“I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me, the afterparty will be on floor 3 of the IC”

Harry won with 254 votes and runner up, Luke Phillips, received 222 votes.

Bachelorette of the year, Zoë Rubins

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Zoë’s friends describe her as “hard-working, bubbly and caring” whilst also informing us on the time she “went on a date for bottomless brunch (with bottomless prosecco), got completely smashed and felt a bit sick, so they decided to get an Uber home… she threw up all over herself and her date. Needless to say there wasn’t a second one”. Versatile!

She has apparently been on the search for a boyfriend since being at university and her friends hope that winning bachelorette of the year will restore her confidence in herself.

Zoë’s reaction to winning was “Omg wow can’t believe this haha” followed by “crazy how this has escalated from a joke in a lecture, to me winning! But excited to finally have something to add to my CV”.

Zoë won with 159 votes, followed by runner up, Emma Partington at 111 votes.