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Hundreds of you voted for the best Spoons in Sheffield – here are the results

It’s a landslide for one Uni Of favourite

Ever feel like votes don't mean anything these days? That nothing seems able to command any sort of majority?

Well fear not. When we asked you to vote for your favourite Spoons in Sheffield, over 750 of you obliged – and the results have proven decisive.

A whooping 55.8% of you voted in favour of The Francis Newton to crown it the best Wetherspoons in the Steel City.

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It's named after Sheffield's master cutler, and features many photos of the man himself around the pub, watching you forget your essays while relaxing in what can only be described as "Uni Of territory".

Despite recent reports of rodents, the Benjamin Huntsman placed second in the poll (19.4%). It performed significantly better than Waterworks (5.2%), which is just across the road.

In third place was Sheaf Island (12.8%), a glass-fronted realm of escapism described by our own co-features editor and Spoons connoisseur Dan McGrath as "the nicest looking out of the lot".

Waterworks and The Bankers Draft (2.3%) rounded off the top five, showing there is at least some preference for some of the more niche spoons in Sheffield among its student population.

At the other end of the results table, literally two of you voted for The Steel Foundry. Nope, I'm not sure where that is either.

At a time when essays are piling up, dissertations are due, and everyone's sick of Brexit, Wetherspoons remains one of the few constants in our lives. Long may it reign.

Featured image: @beth.chapman on Instagram