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It’s time to decide: Which is Sheffield’s best Wetherspoons?

The cornerstone of any student pub crawl

Our student loans are not meant for heavy sessions in the pub, but that doesn't stop the majority of it going on pints.

So, in order to get the most out of the money we're issued, we have to resort to Wetherspoons. Now, whatever your views may be on Tim Martin, the founder of the company, he has provided us with the best way to get steaming for as little money as possible, without having to go to the off-license for a litre bottle of Glenn's.

Sheffield has a vast array of Spoons to offer, from the Benjamin Huntsman in the centre, to the Wagon and Horses in Chapeltown, to the Steel Foundry at Meadowhall, where you can get a beer to calm the pre-shopping nerves. It's fair to say, there is a lot of boozers to choose from to get your fix of sharing pitchers – which, let's be right, are never shared!

So, now is your time to vote for the best Wetherspoons in the Steel City. All you have to do is click this link, place your vote and pledge your allegiance to the pub where you can always enjoy a Full English and a cold pint at 8am, seven days a week. Just in case you can't decide, we've compiled an overview of each one to help you.

Benjamin Huntsman

You know when summer has truly arrived when this pub's beer garden is rammed. Nothing can really beat a sun trap when you've got a pint in hand and this place offers it perfectly.

Although it's not always sunny, this Wetherspoons is big enough for you to gather all your mates and still have enough room to keep some of your personal space, which is always a perk.


A 20 second walk from the previously mentioned boozer, Waterworks is a smaller pub, but arguably has a nicer vibe than its bustling counterpart. Not only can you get cheap pints, but if you're lucky enough, you can get a seat up in the gods, and be able to watch down at all those in the VIP area in which you reside – that's what everyone thinks when they sit there, right?

The Banker's Draft

Although it has the longest route to the upstairs toilets , even for a Wetherspoons, it's a classic. More popular with Steel City locals than it is for students, it doesn't mean that it doesn't see its fair share of mainly Hallam students throughout term time, or those who fancy a cold one after a more than stressful tram journey into town. However, this one definitely sees more 8am Full English's and numerous pints of Carling to wash them down with compared to the other Sheffield Spoons.

Sheaf Island

Probably the nicest looking out of the lot, this glass-fronted Spoons is probably going to do well on the votes. A favourite for those who are off to Bramall Lane, as well as Eccy Road residents. If you're wanting to go to Spoons but want to feel that bit classier – I mean, you've hit rock bottom, but ok – then this is the one to go to!

The Francis Newton

Although it seems all nice on the outside, much like an 18th century stately home, it's a hotbed of Uni Of and Hallam rivalry. Named after Sheffield's master cutler, many photos of the man himself are dotted around the pub, watching you slowly forget about that essay that is due in as you down another bottle of Rekorderlig.

The Steel Foundry

The only way to get through a day at Meadowhall is by resorting to a quick pint to calm the nerves before facing the chaos of the famous shopping centre. Located towards the back of the shopping centre, with a nice outdoor view of the River Don, you can happily grab a quick classic Spoons meal before popping into shops and looking at all the things you can't afford with your student loan.

The Wagon and Horses

Although it's a bit of a trek out from the city centre, it's worth the trip. A favourite for those who live up in the north of Sheffield, it's across the road from the train station, making it the ideal place for pres before heading into town for a big one on West Street. With a smoking area that looks an Italian vineyard, it's definitely up there as a contender against Benjamin Huntsman.

The Rawson Spring

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Located in the heart of Hillsborough, it's a congregational building for Owls fans come match day. Formerly a swimming baths, which is slightly strange, they've managed to get the smell of chlorine out the walls to make into a pretty nice boozer. A long bar that is decent for groups, it almost matches Sheaf Island for the level of Spoons poshness. A definite lifesaver come Tramlines weekend for cheap booze and hangover food.

The Woodseats Palace

You wouldn't guess it's a Spoons from the outside, but the Woodseats Palace serves those of South Sheff very well. Although it's described as one of the busiest pubs of the chain in Sheffield, it's certainly an underdog in this competition. It will definitely do well with the locals, and though it might be a hidden gem, it's a fair way out so I doubt any students will go.

So it's up to you to decide! Vote in the poll below and crown your favourite with the glory of being Sheffield's best Wetherspoons!

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