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All the downsides of having a baby face at uni

You’re forever told ‘you’ll be thankful of it in the future’

It's not fun when you're 20-years-old and literally look like a school child, but of course you're constantly told by everyone "you will be thankful when you're older".

There's certain situations that become very annoying for fellow baby faced people, and I'm sure you will all agree.

Bouncers will literally question your ID

Yeah, this really happens to me, they look at my ID as if it's fake. I have actually been asked to smile before to prove it's me (weird I know).

I also get asked my address and date of birth. I literally get quizzed just to get into a club – not fun – and then they still don't look convinced.

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You even get ID'd for energy drinks

You have to be sixteen to buy them, and yes 20-year-old me still has to prove I am actually old enough to buy a can of Red Bull, and am in fact older than 15.

You will always be called "cute"

No, it's not patronising at all. I love being spoken to like a child, fun times.

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Everyone always assumes you're a first year at uni

It was fine when I was actually a first year but now it's just a little annoying but hey, least people think I am an actual adult and go to uni, right?

Your age is always wrongly guessed

And when you tell them your actual age they just look in shock and say "REALLY?"

You still get nervous when buying age restricted items

"Please, please, don't question my ID, it is real I promise," is what I think when the staff at the shop are stood there literally frowning at my ID then looking back at me in confusion.

Even though you know you're old enough to buy the item you still get nervous, maybe because you look like a 15-year-old trying to by booze.

Above all, you will always be reassured that you will age so much better and in the end you'll be the one laughing when you're 40 but only look 30. Not sure if that's how it actually works, but one can hope, right?