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Here are the cringiest posts in the Sheffield freshers’ groups

Anyone else like computers? xD

Take a minute to think back to the life-changing moment you found out that you were off to uni.

You probably got a nice tweet from uni which said they can't wait welcome you, and meant they can't wait to add another £27,000 to the bank balance. You went to your tragic hometown club to celebrate your success. And you definitely joined at least one Facebook freshers' group.

This fine tradition of desperately trying to track down the people you will eventually fall out with over washing up, setting up course groups, and asking daft questions is alive and well. Behold, a selection of the most cringe-inducing posts from the Sheffield freshers of 2018-19.

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I assume so, Peter, although you're the only one still using xD.

Anyone with any sense signed up to Unidays by sixth form at the latest.

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Don't worry freshers, Ashleigh has only seen every pic you've posted in the last two years and judged you accordingly.

Rookie mistake from James. 10pm scuffle for tickets at Bar One it is.

Anastasiia spoiling the fun here. Should have let it be a Kinder surprise.

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Into: Pretty much every genre of music ever, then.

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The emojis and 03:46 timestamp tell you everything you need to know.

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Ashleigh again, committing crimes against grammar and convincing herself 150 randoms off Facebook will actually come to her pres.

Not sure what's worse, the check in or the spelling in the one reply.

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Eyal finally "shutting down" something other than Hayley's will to live.

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An urgent appeal from Immy. Changed uni? Fleeing the country? Saw a tweet saying Freshers' Week wristbands are a scam? We may never know.

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By March, Nina's attitude will have gone from "thanks anyway" to shouting "YOUR DAD WORKS FOR MY DAD" on an overcrowded tram.