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Jack from Love Island is coming to Sheffield for a club night this month

Dani is not coming, however

September is already shaping up to be a Love Island heavy month in Sheffield, with Wes off of Wes and Megan and Adam off of Adam being a dick on TV both announcing club appearances in the city in the coming months. AND NOW THERE'S MORE.

Jack Fincham, or Dani Dyer's boyfriend, or Danny Dyer's future son-in-law, or Stationary Jack, or Old Jack, or Winner Jack, whatever you want to call him, will be the next Love Island contestant to visit the city.

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Viper Rooms have announced that Jack, minus Dani, will be hosting a meet and greet at Viper Rooms on Saturday 18th August, making it their second Love Island meet and greet planned in the coming months.

Tickets can be found here.