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I have no idea what to do with my life after uni, so I’ve written a Tab article about it

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University of Sheffield spends nearly £100,000 on police officers to protect students

Two officers help to protect students on campus

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The isolation is real, and all to afford rent

Circa Waves’ ‘Young Chasers’ is the uplifting and melancholic soundtrack to our youth

We’re flying through our best years

On behalf of students who miss home, please make train tickets cheaper

A railcard just isn’t going to cut it

A video game museum has opened in Sheffield

The National Video Game Museum opened today

Every reason why bar jobs are the perfect jobs for students

Free drinks? Yes please

We need to talk about the effects of shyness at university

Shyness can ruin the uni experience

A Doctor Who set in Sheffield could be the boost the city needs

Minus the death and destruction, of course

The differences between Hallam and Uni Of, from someone who has been to both

Varsity is a cult

A comprehensive list of the best beer gardens in Sheffield


Two of Joana Burns’ friends jailed for giving her the MDMA which killed her

They were given six months and two and a half years

I spoke to a student who lives in a church – a church!

Stained glass and graves outside, how holy

I love the Diamond and I am not afraid to write 725 words about it

A diamond in the rough

We asked students what it’s really like to be an LGBT+ student in Sheffield

A view from campus

I asked a lecturer what the most annoying things about students are

‘People who say ‘I can’t do 9am’. It’s like, what?’

I asked a lecturer to tell us once and for all whether BAs are actually worth it

‘It is as if you’re kind of a waster if you do the arts’

‘I miss my dog’: An ode to the bittersweet feeling of leaving home

We’ll all miss our dogs

A Birmingham third year is studying Love Island as part of her degree

She’ll be looking at the behaviour of the contestants

Only two UK universities have compulsory consent classes this year, Tab investigation finds

Seven universities are not running optional consent classes at all