Dan Burns

Dan Burns
Sheffield University


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Why are students getting drunk and jumping into hedges all of a sudden?

We’re calling it hedging. That’s not sexual, right?

Magid Magid is running to be an MEP

The Lord Mayor is stepping down in May

The underappreciated beauty of Sheffield city centre

And I’m not just talking about the Peak District

The University tram stop will be closing for repairs

The stop will be closed for five days in August

We asked boys what’s on their sex playlists and now all music is banned, forever

It’s safe to say Catfish and the Bottlemen is the least horny music in the world

These are the universities and subjects most likely to use essay mills

Law students really are something else aren’t they

Everything I learnt going to a French nightclub

They have smoking rooms, goddamn

I have no idea what to do with my life after uni, so I’ve written a Tab article about it

Life is a maze and I am so lost in it

University of Sheffield spends nearly £100,000 on police officers to protect students

Two officers help to protect students on campus

The least wonderful time of the year: What it’s like having to work on Christmas day

The isolation is real, and all to afford rent

Circa Waves’ ‘Young Chasers’ is the uplifting and melancholic soundtrack to our youth

We’re flying through our best years

On behalf of students who miss home, please make train tickets cheaper

A railcard just isn’t going to cut it

A video game museum has opened in Sheffield

The National Video Game Museum opened today

Every reason why bar jobs are the perfect jobs for students

Free drinks? Yes please

We need to talk about the effects of shyness at university

Shyness can ruin the uni experience

A Doctor Who set in Sheffield could be the boost the city needs

Minus the death and destruction, of course

The differences between Hallam and Uni Of, from someone who has been to both

Varsity is a cult

A comprehensive list of the best beer gardens in Sheffield


Two of Joana Burns’ friends jailed for giving her the MDMA which killed her

They were given six months and two and a half years

Nick Clegg’s talk at Sheffield Uni has been cancelled due to ‘security concerns’

It is currently unclear as to what these security concerns are

I spoke to a student who lives in a church – a church!

Stained glass and graves outside, how holy

I love the Diamond and I am not afraid to write 725 words about it

A diamond in the rough

We asked students what it’s really like to be an LGBT+ student in Sheffield

A view from campus

I asked a lecturer what the most annoying things about students are

‘People who say ‘I can’t do 9am’. It’s like, what?’

I asked a lecturer to tell us once and for all whether BAs are actually worth it

‘It is as if you’re kind of a waster if you do the arts’

‘I miss my dog’: An ode to the bittersweet feeling of leaving home

We’ll all miss our dogs

A Birmingham third year is studying Love Island as part of her degree

She’ll be looking at the behaviour of the contestants

Only two UK universities have compulsory consent classes this year, Tab investigation finds

Seven universities are not running optional consent classes at all

LSE students call for university to remove anti-homeless benches on campus

The benches are designed to reduce ‘anti-social behaviour’

Everything Dick and Dom have been up to since they left da bungalow

I’m getting Big Dick and Dom Energy vibes

Stop telling me I’ll regret my tattoo, on behalf of everyone who has a tattoo

Yes, I am well aware it’s permanent

What Hallam and Uni of Sheffield are really like, according to TripAdvisor

One reviewer said Hallam has “superior chat”

Dani Dyer will be hosting a meet and greet at Viper Rooms this weekend

Both she and Jack will be hosting meet and greets this month

This is what it’s like to move in with your girlfriend at uni

Has the magic gone, you ask? How can the magic leave when you have a toilet roll rota

Everything you’ll utterly despise about being an intern this summer

If this is what real life is like I never want to leave uni thank you

Jack from Love Island is coming to Sheffield for a club night this month

Dani is not coming, however

Code is launching a new club night and Wes from Love Island is opening it

He’ll be launching their new weekly Wonderland club night

If you’re a ‘sad boy’ you have definitely done all of these things this summer

From the disappointment of the World Cup to Love Island, summer 2018 has been the summer of the sad boy

Ex-Medics rugby player who assaulted SU officer at Pop Tarts was punished by having to write a letter of apology

The former Development Officer was headbutted by a Medics rugby player in March

Sheffield Hallam has finished above Uni Of Sheffield in new student satisfaction rankings

Sheffield Hallam polled alongside some top Russell Group unis

Can we all take a minute’s silence for the men who can’t grow a beard

Not being able to grow a beard is a humbling experience for any man

Nearly two thirds of uni halls cost more than the minimum student loan

Living in a basic Manchester room would leave you £9 to live on

Everything you’ll realise as a Northerner living in London

Get ready to hit up a Pret!

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: The End of Summer?

Everybody make some noise for thunderstorms!

All the ways you can console yourself now football isn’t coming home

Another four years of hurt

Who is the bravest of our brave English boys?

Sir Harry Kane is a brave English boy

Football’s coming home and Sheffield Hallam attempted a meme about it

A meme so sauceless it may as well be Alex from Love Island

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Football’s Coming Home

It’s coming home

Sheffield Hallam’s Blackboard site calls student ‘invalid nonce’

They replied with a GIF – how very 2018

Everything that will happen in Sheffield when England win the World Cup

Football’s coming home, but what will happen when it does?

Breaking: Tramlines director Sarah Nulty dies aged 36

She directed the festival from 2013

My Sheffield student house was damp, dirty, and dangerous, but what was it like to live there?

Home is where the damp is

How could VAR improve nights out?

‘And they are reviewing the bank’s decision to take £60 of contactless payments from their bank account’

We need to talk about how many pigeons are getting into Adsetts

I can’t believe I’m writing this

If England players were Sheffield nights out, what would they be?

Football’s coming home, in an Uber at 4am

Everything you’ll do this summer when you’re home from university

You won’t be getting ahead on next year’s uni work

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Last Students Standing

We thought you’d all be watching Love Island

Every argument you will have with your housemates as a student

Sex, drugs, and arguments about the bins

How to be a Uni Of Sheffield student when you go to Hallam

A derivative guide full of unfair stereotypes

Pale Waves announce gig at Sheffield’s Foundry

The band will be heading to Sheffield this September

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: End of Exam Special

Exams? Completed them, mate

I asked my lecturer every awkward question you’ve ever wanted to ask

Can you tell when students are still drunk in seminars? Are PowerPoints really worth £9,000?

Sheffield Students’ Union have announced that there will be specific LGBT+ accommodation

It will launch in September 2018

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Summer’s Here

Sun’s out, revision out

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Shouldn’t You Be Revising?

The impending doom of exams

I asked people in West Street Live what they think of the new Arctic Monkeys album, but what would they say?

Who you gonna call, the martini police?

I put Henderson’s Relish on all of my meals for a week, but how would it taste?

Imagine how much free advertising they’re getting out of this

We asked Hallam and Uni Of students what it’s like dating someone from their rival uni

‘Til Hallam do us part

New Arctic Monkeys music is better than old Arctic Monkeys music: An opinion

I stress ‘an opinion’. It’s an opinion.

Sheffield is the sixth cheapest city for graduates, so no need to give up Leadmill just yet

Steep hills, not so steep prices

Meet the New Editorial Team of The Tab Sheffield!

We’re all stressed. So stressed.

Listen up, it’s cool to like Harry Styles now

Jazzy suits, all day every day

Club Tropicana and An Expanded ‘Into the Trees’ Area are Coming to Tramlines

There’ll be a pop up cinema, DJs, and more

Everything you go through as a uni student, as told by Kanye West tweets

I miss the old Kanye

I only ate food from the reduced section for an entire week, but would it kill me?

And I lived to tell the tale, clearly, as I’m writing this right now

Here’s a prediction of what each new Arctic Monkeys song will sound like based on their titles

‘The Ultracheese’ will be about brie, because brie is the ultracheese

Bradley Walsh’s Instagram is the best thing since Phillip Schofield’s Snapchat

The most Insta of Grams

You could name a stage at this year’s Tramlines

Stagey McStageFace

I paid someone online to write my essay for me, but would it fool my lecturer?

For £64.63 you too can sack off your essay and get back to doing what you do best – absolutely nothing

An open letter to clubs: Stop saying songs from our childhood are guilty pleasures

There’s no shame in liking Busted

What’s That Smell on West Street?: An Investigation

A Nasal Exploration

It’s time to admit that Adsetts is the best library in Sheffield

A Journey to the Centre of Adsetts

Things you’ll only find in a Sheffield student house

There’s more than just damp

I’m Paying £9000 for five contact hours a week, and I’ve had enough

I’ve had naps longer than that

The best places in Sheffield to have fried chicken now KFC has run out

It’s the end of the world as we know it

Every reason why Bubbles in Ashington is the worst club in the UK

It’s 2018 and it has outside toilets

We asked students for their best stories about working behind a bar

Black Mirror level horror

Which is the best Chaser on The Chase?

Don’t you dare choose the minus offer

Martha from GBBO is coming to judge a baking competition at the University of Sheffield

Here’s hoping there aren’t too many soggy bottoms

A collection of Twitter’s most savage take-downs of Sheffield

‘West Street Live is very weird’

We all need to agree that going to the library on your own is much better than going with a friend

No, I don’t need a library buddy to pester me the whole time

Everything you’ll realise when you go home for Christmas

The wifi actually works

Everything you’ll know if you grew up in Northumberland

Hogwarts baby

If Arctic Monkeys albums were Sheffield nights out, this is what they would be

Do you wanna know?

There’s a cat in Sheffield that has thumbs

The Cravendale advert has come true

A scientific explanation of what we think is in a Corp pint

We tried to get their secret recipe but they refused to reveal it

The key differences between Uni Of and Hallam

The rivalry is bigger than just varsity

A critical analysis of Pointless and The Chase

A debate more divisive than Brexit

We asked the students of Sheffield if they missed their parents or their pets more

There can only be one answer

The best bars in Sheffield based on their music choices

Corp is all over the shop with their music

We asked people in long distance relationships whether it’s really worth it

And I would walk 500 miles…