Dan Burns
Dan Burns

Here is some content by me. So much content, content coming out of my ears, my body is drowning in content, please help me.

I only ate food from the reduced section for an entire week, but would it kill me?

And I lived to tell the tale, clearly, as I’m writing this right now

Here’s a prediction of what each new Arctic Monkeys song will sound like based on their titles

‘The Ultracheese’ will be about brie, because brie is the ultracheese

Bradley Walsh’s Instagram is the best thing since Phillip Schofield’s Snapchat

The most Insta of Grams

You could name a stage at this year’s Tramlines

Stagey McStageFace

I paid someone online to write my essay for me, but would it fool my lecturer?

For £64.63 you too can sack off your essay and get back to doing what you do best – absolutely nothing

An open letter to clubs: Stop saying songs from our childhood are guilty pleasures

There’s no shame in liking Busted

What’s That Smell on West Street?: An Investigation

A Nasal Exploration

It’s time to admit that Adsetts is the best library in Sheffield

A Journey to the Centre of Adsetts

Things you’ll only find in a Sheffield student house

There’s more than just damp

I’m Paying £9000 for five contact hours a week, and I’ve had enough

I’ve had naps longer than that

The best places in Sheffield to have fried chicken now KFC has run out

It’s the end of the world as we know it

Every reason why Bubbles in Ashington is the worst club in the UK

It’s 2018 and it has outside toilets

We asked students for their best stories about working behind a bar

Black Mirror level horror

VOTE: Which is the best Chaser on The Chase?

Don’t you dare choose the minus offer

Martha from GBBO is coming to judge a baking competition at the University of Sheffield

Here’s hoping there aren’t too many soggy bottoms

A collection of Twitter’s most savage take-downs of Sheffield

‘West Street Live is very weird’

We all need to agree that going to the library on your own is much better than going with a friend

No, I don’t need a library buddy to pester me the whole time

Everything you’ll realise when you go home for Christmas

The wifi actually works

Everything you’ll know if you grew up in Northumberland

Hogwarts baby

If Arctic Monkeys albums were Sheffield nights out, this is what they would be

Do you wanna know?

There’s a cat in Sheffield that has thumbs

The Cravendale advert has come true