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Dan Burns

Here is some content by me. So much content, content coming out of my ears, my body is drowning in content, please help me.

All the ways you can console yourself now football isn’t coming home

Another four years of hurt

Who is the bravest of our brave English boys?

Sir Harry Kane is a brave English boy

Football’s coming home and Sheffield Hallam attempted a meme about it

A meme so sauceless it may as well be Alex from Love Island

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Football’s Coming Home

It’s coming home

Sheffield Hallam’s Blackboard site calls student ‘invalid nonce’

They replied with a GIF – how very 2018

Everything that will happen in Sheffield when England win the World Cup

Football’s coming home, but what will happen when it does?

Breaking: Tramlines director Sarah Nulty dies aged 36

She directed the festival from 2013

My Sheffield student house was damp, dirty, and dangerous, but what was it like to live there?

Home is where the damp is

How could VAR improve nights out?

‘And they are reviewing the bank’s decision to take £60 of contactless payments from their bank account’

We need to talk about how many pigeons are getting into Adsetts

I can’t believe I’m writing this

If England players were Sheffield nights out, what would they be?

Football’s coming home, in an Uber at 4am

Everything you’ll do this summer when you’re home from university

You won’t be getting ahead on next year’s uni work

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Last Students Standing

We thought you’d all be watching Love Island

Every argument you will have with your housemates as a student

Sex, drugs, and arguments about the bins

How to be a Uni Of Sheffield student when you go to Hallam

A derivative guide full of unfair stereotypes

Pale Waves announce gig at Sheffield’s Foundry

The band will be heading to Sheffield this September

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: End of Exam Special

Exams? Completed them, mate

I asked my lecturer every awkward question you’ve ever wanted to ask

Can you tell when students are still drunk in seminars? Are PowerPoints really worth £9,000?

Sheffield Students’ Union have announced that there will be specific LGBT+ accommodation

It will launch in September 2018

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Summer’s Here

Sun’s out, revision out

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Shouldn’t You Be Revising?

The impending doom of exams