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Adam from Love Island is hitting up Viper Rooms in September

Of course he’s coming to Viper

Like discount codes and sponsored Instagram posts, club appearances are part and parcel of life after Love Island for its contestants.

As part of an extensive run of dates across the UK and beyond, Adam Collard, who acquainted himself with multiple partners in the villa this year, will be stopping at The Viper Rooms on Friday 28 September.

The appearance is one of absolutely loads he has announced throughout the coming months, from Mallorca this Friday, to Glasgow in November for anyone who is still keen to get a photo with him four months on.

His lengthy, heartwarming appeal to the clubbers of Sheffield this afternoon was "come say Hi".

Adam got people talking throughout his eventful time on the show, drawing scorn for his lack of loyalty and tendency to say "I do fancy her" every time someone new walked in.

He was even accused of gaslighting Rosie by leading abuse charity Women's Aid, who labelled his actions towards her "clear warning signs of emotional abuse".

However, when he departed last week, lots of people were saying that he would be missed.

Since leaving the villa, he has declared his love for Zara, who at the time of writing he has managed to stay with, and amassed over 723,000 Instagram followers.

Viper have yet to announce the appearance at their end, although describe their high-end Carver Street offerings as "a disgracefully grown up night out".

Tickets for the meet and greet will no doubt be available shortly – with all the hype around Love Island this year, you're best to crack on and get one sooner rather than later if Adam is absolutely your type on paper.