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Thousands of Sheffield protesters rally together against Trump’s UK visit

4000 protesters demonstrated outside Sheffield City Hall


On Friday, thousands of people in Sheffield gathered together to protest Donald Trump's four-day UK visit.

The whole protest, organised by the Sheffield Together Against Trump coalition, came after Lord Mayor Magid Magid "banned" Trump from ever coming to Sheffield.

It's obvious the US President's visit wasn't going to be plain sailing, as he causes controversy wherever he goes with racist, sexist and discriminatory remarks. He certainly isn't Mr Popular in Sheffield, that's for sure.

Sheffield protesters really showed their passion against Trump's visit with their bold and powerful placards. One read: 'You know what? just stop being president' – this summarises people's emotions towards Trump's duties and the amount of anger he has caused.

Lord Mayor Magid Magid has not been quiet when it comes to expressing how he feels about Donald Trump, summarising it clearly with his choice of T-shirt.

'You can't comb over women's rights' is possibly one of the best placards I have seen:

And there was even a Sheffield version of the baby Trump balloon.

People of all ages were protesting to show their support using their voice for good:

One placard showed real emotion reading: 'bridges not walls' – clearly summarising how we should be working on creating peace not conflict.

Afterall, us Sheffield folk are not people to stand there and do nothing, we are the ones to stand up and be accounted for. The protest shows that everyone should use their voice for the good and it proves us humans can achieve good when we stick together.