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We know exactly what kind of person you are based on where you sit in the IC

Well, if you manage to get a seat that is

The IC is the home to many a Sheffield student during exam and deadline season. The six floors of doom, misery and sorrow are regularly filled to the brim with stressed students, from the keenos to the all-nighterers, the IC is home to a plethora of student personalities.

So strap in because here's some light procrastination material for when it all gets too much.

Silent Study (floors 2 and 3)

Silent study is home to the aforementioned 'keenos'.

This particular breed of student is prone to starting their essay a month before it's due but is still stressing the day before about it "not being perfect!"

They arrive quietly at 7:30am every day with their packed lunch and revision cards ready to grab the best seats for the next 10 hours.

These people are freaks of nature. They are asleep before 10pm every night and are never seen without at least three textbooks in their arms.

They'll probably go on to be the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies but they'll have missed out on the adrenaline rush that goes along with an all-nighter.

The comfy seats on floors 2-4

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Ahhh the comfy seats that, in the grand scheme of things, really aren't that comfy.

During the day these seats will be filled with students killing time between lectures and pretending to do work.

But when the sun goes down they will be taken over by the coffee and Sainsbury's meal deal fuelled last minute warriors. With 2,000 words to write and less than 12 hours to do it, the all-nighter brigade will commandeer the comfy seats to recharge their batteries in between stress induced breakdowns.

The window seats on Floor 4

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During the day these bar-like seats are home to hipsters and Instagram aficionados, desperately trying to get that perfect boomerang of the traffic moving round the roundabout outside.

But at night they become another great place to sleep for the stressed all-nighter students, when it all gets too much.

The table seats

If you sit here you're a social butterfly.

You've positioned yourself for everyone to see in the centre of a large group of friends and eagerly await other people you know walking past and striking up conversation.

You're the life and soul of the party and being in the IC is just another excuse to show off your popularity.

But let's be honest, the table seats are the epitome of the “off to the library with my meal deal to do 30 minutes work in six hours” meme. You're not really doing work, you just want to put videos of you and your mates pissing about on Snapchat or pictures of a blank laptop screen and a crying emoji.

Reserved rooms

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Tbh if you're the kind of person who can be bothered to reserve a room in the IC, you're probably not going to be procrastinating by reading this article.

Nonetheless, the type of people who book rooms are the silent study keenos of the group project.

They'll post endless paragraphs on the group chat about what everyone's supposed to be doing and moan for hours about people turning up two minutes late to the meetings.

The room will be booked for 8am on a Thursday morning when they know full well the rest of the group will have been at Corp or Roar the night before and still complain about everyone's lack of energy.

Don't be the kind of person who reserves a room.