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BREAKING: Uni Of have just won Varsity for the sixth year in a row

It was never in doubt

The University of Sheffield have won Varsity for the sixth consecutive year.

Canoe polo, Men's 1s and 2s Badminton and Korfball 2s were all won by the University of Sheffield, giving Uni Of an unassailable lead.

There was some solace for Team Hallam, who took both swimming points early on today.

The winning point for Uni Of came from Korfball Mixed 2s in a tightly contested 12-10 win.

Sheffield Students' Union have congratulated all athletes that have competed so far, with just a few more events left.

Varsity has also been won by the University of Sheffield every year since 2013.

The final football Varsity events will take place at Hillsborough, which is home to Sheffield Wednesday, this evening.