How will you be celebrating Steak and BJ day tomorrow?

Steak for me please but what about vegans?

Whether it’s a day out to a steakhouse, or an evening in with your partner, every student should make the most of this annual satirical holiday.

Coming a month after Valentine’s Day, Steak and BJ day has been dubbed Knobber Day, anti-feminist and sexist by critics. But, with the backing of singers Peter Andre and Christina Aguilera, the unofficial Valentine’s Day for men is set to make a popular return tomorrow.

DJ Tom Birdsey, of Boston Massachusetts, was thought to have come up with the idea on now defunct radio show WFNX in 2012, but many people claim to have founded it. One ‘official’ steak and BJ website said: “ Steak and Blowjob Day will usher in a new age of love as men everywhere try THAT much harder in February to ensure a memorable March 14.”

The best steak in Sheffield

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To celebrate this famed day in Sheffield, there are number of places you can go for a steak. La Vaca on Glossop Road sells Yorkshire meats cooked over an open charcoal grill- with Latin American music for entertainment. SA-HA Steak is also popular, yet a more expensive option, situated half-way down London Road. Or, why not keep it simple and have a Steak and Guinness pie from our beloved Notty House.

However, some are less keen on the day.

One website appears to try to fight the day’s sexist stigma, by raising money for breast cancer awareness charity Coppafeel, which is working to prevent the 11,000 deaths from the cancer each year.

Chicken and Licking Day was created as a rival, female version of Steak and BJ Day, but has also faced criticism. Steak has been argued as better than chicken and licking is not always seen as the correct cunnilingus technique.

But what about vegans?

Space this evening for tasty Philly cheese steak sub goodness

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Questions have made in the national press over whether sperm is vegan, if seitan steak counts and why sex is being linked to dead animals.

Sheffield's vegans can choose to opt out of the day altogether, or try some of the city's best vegan alternatives. A cauliflower steak with ginger and sesame is an option from Bill's on Norfolk Street, although one vegan visitor to the Cardiff branch disappointingly said: "The flavour was just cauliflower, plain."

Make No Bones on Chesterfield Road is another place to try. Their philly cheesesteak sub sandwich, with seitan steak strips and roast pepper, may be preferable to Bill's lump of vegetable.

Some believe Steak and BJ Day is actually on March 15, and others think it’s on March 21, but who cares, enjoy your meat whichever day you decide.