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The University Of Sheffield has launched a new wellbeing scheme for all undergrads

The three week course is free and open to all

This week, the uni has launched its new wellbeing approach, called ‘Fly’.

Fly is an interactive three week course, with tasks surrounding your life, you brain and you and others. The free module aims to "guide learners to make smarter, informed choices about managing their wellbeing – taking these new skills through University life and beyond."

This new scheme has come after many complained about the University’s mental health support, claiming it ineffective and too difficult to get an appointment in the counselling scheme. In 2016, The Tab found that 45 per cent of Sheffield students struggled with mental health, so hopefully this new scheme will make support and coping mechanisms more accessible.

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However, the course comes with a warning that it may not be suitable for students that are feeling unstable or unwell with their mental wellbeing at the moment, so it is clearly not intended to be used as immediate, crisis help in place of medical intervention or counselling, with crisis links simple linking back to the health service.

Yet the fact that the course is open to all undergraduate students is a huge achievement and step forward in the university’s mental health support. The offering of tasks, personal questionnaires and a place to share anonymous reflective journals, and get involved in safe, anonymous discussion of mental health is certain to be an extremely beneficial scheme for many students.