We don’t care who your celebrity club appearance of the week is

Really, £10 just for a photo?

It seems to be a huge part of university life. If you haven’t been to a celebrity appearance at one of your city’s many clubs, you haven’t lived.

Sheffield is definitely not exempt from this, with Big Cook, Little Cook, Phil Mitchell and Muggy Mike from 'Love Island' all showing up in the past couple of weeks.

But it anyone really that arsed about them? Don’t get me wrong, I like a heavy night out midweek, but is the arrival of some D-List reality star or a bloke who tries to sell you insurance on TV really worth all that time and money?

Big Cook, Little Cook have not aged well

Big Cook, Little Cook have not aged well

Before coming to uni, the only experience of celebrity appearances was from watching The Office Christmas Specials and seeing David Brent go on to completely embarrass himself at this type of event.

To my surprise, it is one of the most accurate depictions of these club nights and fully sums up the disappointment felt by both celebrity and audience alike.

For me, the disappointment of it all starts before the night even comes around. The irritating texts from clubs (somehow, they’ve got your number) comes up, that informs you of the guest star’s forthcoming arrival does the rounds.

Before you know it, nearly all of your friendship group has bought an overpriced ticket for a couple of double vodkas and a meet and greet.

Fatman Scoop literally had one song

Fatman Scoop literally had one song

The posters are in and around halls, greeting you on every street corner on the way back to your house and your Facebook friends and Twitter followers can’t get enough of showing how ‘interested’ they are in going.

However, you will probably give in and you get your ticket two hours before the event is supposed to start, although you heard it was sold out about a week before.

Turning up in the queue jump queue, you’ve realised you didn’t need a ticket as it would have been a shorter affair if you’d gone in the normal queue. But you’re in, the Jagerbombs and VKs are flowing, and the arrival of someone who was on TV for a couple of weeks is imminent.

The lights drop and the music stops and out they step to the noise of drunken whoops and hollers. A few words from said star and off they go, to the corner for photos with drunken students. There you go, done! That’s it.

At least Marcel's having fun

At least Marcel's having fun

If you’re lucky, you might get a thirty minute DJ set (that’s already been pre-prepared) or a quick chat with them in the smoking area but, all in all, that’s the only interaction you’ll get. There goes the extra few quid you’ve spent just for that quick hello.

To be fair, you’re most likely going to have a top night out. Nothing beats cheap drinks and good laugh with your mates. However, all of that just for a photo that you’ll end up hating the morning after and a wave is a bit much for my liking.

There’s so much to offer in this city without the celebrity appearances and for a lot less money. So by all means keep going to these events, but come on, is it really worth it?

All photos taken from club Facebook pages