We spoke to the guy who was gifted all those birthday drinks in Spoons

He’s my new idol tbh


How else would you want to spend your birthday other than a nice day-drinking sesh in spoons getting free drinks? Well Sheff student Nick clearly had a great birthday after his mate, and my new personal idol, Rory, tweeted their location asking for free drinks on the Wetherspoons app. His tweet went viral as people started sending all kinds of bullshit to their table.

By the time Rory finally asked people to stop sending things so they could leave and get on with their lives, Nick had received a pint of John Smiths, a bottle of Prosecco, eight glasses of milk, two non-alcoholic bottles of Becks, two fruit shoots, a pot of crispy onions, a pot of barbecue sauce and blue cheese sauce, a plate of peas, a jug of curry sauce, a bowl of ice cream and a jagerbomb to top it all off. I mean, what more could you really want? Except the non-alcoholic bevs, that’s snakey.

Altogether that’s a pretty significant amount of money and I’m pretty shook that students were actually willing to part with their money on a glass of milk for banter, but so was Rory as he told us that they “just did it on the off chance” and didn’t expect any outcome from the tweet.

Rory also disclosed to us that Nick’s favourite gift was “the peas with all the sauces, just for the sheer randomness of it all”, so it’s nice to know our new idol will live a long and prosperous life as he’s still eating veggies in Freshers' Week.

The trip to spoons was supposed to just be a pre-drinks for the Cheese On Bread free rave, but instead gained the boys mega press attention and they even chatted to Scott Mills on Radio One today.

Not all heroes wear capes, all hail local legends.