Bloo 88, Bar and Beyond and Street Food Chef launch £10 meal deals

Just in time for freshers

Bloo 88, Bar and Beyond and Street Food Chef are among 50 restaurants in Sheffield to run discounted meal deals between 21-28 September.

The week-long food celebration, called Dine Sheffield, sees a number of restaurants exclusively hold fixed-price menus at £5, £10 and £15. The deals will start during freshers' week and last till hungover students tackle their first week of lectures.

We've picked out some of our favourite deals here:

8oz Burger Company

8oz cheese and bacon burger, side and soft drink £10

Bar and Beyond

Burger or hot dog and a pint £10

Nachos or dirty chips and a cocktail £10

Bloo 88

12 inch pizza and selected cocktail £10

Craft and Dough

Pizza, Beer and Dessert or dough balls £15

Forum Kitchen and Bar

3 small plates and a drink £15

Toastie and a drink £10

Slice of pizza and a drink £5

Revolucion de Cuba

2 courses £9.95

The Common Room

10 chicken wings £5

Dirty fries and a shake £10

The Devonshire Cat

GF starter, pie and pint £15

The Street Food Chef

Large nachos with two toppings and two beers £10

Regular burrito, a beer and churros £10

See the full list of restaurant deals on the Dine Sheffield site.

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