Lorna Colwill
News Editor at The Tab Sheffield
Third year English Literature student

‘Stabbing’ at Sheffield train station leaves man in hospital

A 34-year-old man has been arrested

Shakira Martin has been re-elected as NUS President

She will be leading the NUS for the second year running

Mental health hotline set up for Sheffield Architecture students following Arts Tower occupation

The support line will be available all week

‘The Union literally feels like my second home’: An interview with Cecilia Hudson-Molinaro

She’s running to be your SU Activities Officer

‘If I win, I’d just love a Notty House Pie’: An interview with Jemma Upton

Jemma is running for Sports Officer 2018/19

‘I’m giving out 600 cakes instead of leaflets’: An interview with Saskia Marriott

Saskia is running to be Sports Officer 2018/19

‘I prefer Roar to Pop Tarts’: An interview with Sarah Morse

She’s running to be your SU Sports Officer

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Valentine’s Special

Cupid sprinkled some lurv in Sheff

Sheffield Engineering graduate found dead on hiking trail in Argentina

David Minn graduated last year

Revealed: Demand for University of Sheffield counselling service nearly doubles in five years

Over 2,000 students requested an appointment in 2015/16

Breaking: Sheffield Vice-Chancellor, Sir Keith Burnett, to retire

He will leave his post ‘in the coming months’

Sheffield Computer Science students made to apologise after comparing Black Lives Matter to Planet of the Apes

Racist messages were sent to their course group chat

Liam from Bake Off was at a second year house party in Sheffield this weekend


BREAKING: City Council suspends Uber license in Sheffield

Uber say the ban is due to an “administrative error”

Sheffield Hallam student refused entry into Yates because they mistook his cerebral palsy for being ‘drunk’

He was allegedly told to ‘have a medical card or letter to prove it’

Sheffield clubbers of the week

Marking the beginning of Can’t Remember December

Sheffield Dentistry student found in possession of ‘training’ video aligned with ‘ISIS and al-Qaeda’ teaching viewers how to stab and behead

The video was shown as part of his on-going trial

There will officially be free Wi-Fi in Sheffield from May

Your procrastination will never be interrupted again

Hear ye hear ye, it’s the Sheffield clubbers of the week

One girl might have gone to Roar as a condom

Computer Science student compares Black Lives Matter to Planet of the Apes in course group chat

He has said he ‘didn’t mean to offend anyone’