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‘Stabbing’ at Sheffield train station leaves man in hospital

A 34-year-old man has been arrested

Shakira Martin has been re-elected as NUS President

She will be leading the NUS for the second year running

Mental health hotline set up for Sheffield Architecture students following Arts Tower occupation

The support line will be available all week

‘The Union literally feels like my second home’: An interview with Cecilia Hudson-Molinaro

She’s running to be your SU Activities Officer

‘If I win, I’d just love a Notty House Pie’: An interview with Jemma Upton

Jemma is running for Sports Officer 2018/19

‘I’m giving out 600 cakes instead of leaflets’: An interview with Saskia Marriott

Saskia is running to be Sports Officer 2018/19

‘I prefer Roar to Pop Tarts’: An interview with Sarah Morse

She’s running to be your SU Sports Officer

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Valentine’s Special

Cupid sprinkled some lurv in Sheff

Sheffield Engineering graduate found dead on hiking trail in Argentina

David Minn graduated last year

Revealed: Demand for University of Sheffield counselling service nearly doubles in five years

Over 2,000 students requested an appointment in 2015/16

Breaking: Sheffield Vice-Chancellor, Sir Keith Burnett, to retire

He will leave his post ‘in the coming months’

Sheffield Computer Science students made to apologise after comparing Black Lives Matter to Planet of the Apes

Racist messages were sent to their course group chat

Sheffield’s Clubbers of the Week

Do they know it’s Christmas time?

Liam from Bake Off was at a second year house party in Sheffield this weekend


BREAKING: City Council suspends Uber license in Sheffield

Uber say the ban is due to an “administrative error”

Sheffield Hallam student refused entry into Yates because they mistook his cerebral palsy for being ‘drunk’

He was allegedly told to ‘have a medical card or letter to prove it’

Sheffield clubbers of the week

Marking the beginning of Can’t Remember December

Sheffield Dentistry student found in possession of ‘training’ video aligned with ‘ISIS and al-Qaeda’ teaching viewers how to stab and behead

The video was shown as part of his on-going trial

There will officially be free Wi-Fi in Sheffield from May

Your procrastination will never be interrupted again

Hear ye hear ye, it’s the Sheffield clubbers of the week

One girl might have gone to Roar as a condom

Computer Science student compares Black Lives Matter to Planet of the Apes in course group chat

He has said he ‘didn’t mean to offend anyone’

Division Street’s Chicken Stop banned from night trading after attack

They are banned from trading between 9 pm and 7 am for two months

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Bongo’s Bingo Edition

Grandmas let loose

Inquest opened into death of Joana Burns

She died after taking MDMA at Sheffield Students’ Union

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: pre-Halloween party

Some people even dressed as Santa

Sheffield Clubbers of the week: Medics bar crawl madness

One girl went as Notty House

Woman on Crookesmoor Road ‘punched and robbed’ while waiting for taxi

The woman was left unconscious on the floor

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: The Girls Edition

It’s the girls’ night out of all your dreams

Hallam Tower has been demolished today

It will become ‘high quality housing’

Exclusive: ‘Consent is a myth’ written on the back of Sheffield bar crawl t-shirts

Shirts also said ‘rape is not a crime’

Sheffield Clubbers of the week: Lads Special

It’s checked shirts galore

Three people given jail sentences for attacking students outside Corp

Two 19-year-olds were injured in a ‘ferocious attack’

How to decorate your uni house on the cheap

Don’t be an IKEA sucker

Clubbers of the week: start of term sesh

Lectures? What lectures?

Uni hands out safety alarms to students

It’s part of a drive to reduce crime

Things I wish I’d known before coming to uni in Sheffield

It’s rainy and everything’s with gravy

The Wetherspoons Uni League: The universities with the best boozing facilities in the country

You should have gone to Cardiff

These clubbers wanted a quiet night in. What happened next will shock you to your core


‘Aperol is basic’: A mixologist reveals what your cocktail really says about you

Drinks with the girls x

Bloo 88, Bar and Beyond and Street Food Chef launch £10 meal deals

Just in time for freshers

Smelly feet and smothering mums: The various stages of losing your soul as a Clarks employee

For the love of god bring socks with you

A brief history of how the girls’ club toilets became better than the club

To all the girls I’ve met in club toilets, I miss you

It’s official, Eccy Road and Endcliffe are the most expensive places to live in Sheffield

They’re the worst student areas

Everything we know about Liam Charles, The Great British Bake Off’s ‘Cake Boy’

He’s a third year at Goldsmiths

The undeniable differences between going to secondary school in the North and the South

Every day was basically muck up day in the North

Tab investigation reveals the UK universities running consent classes in 2017

Only two are making them mandatory

The most middle-class hometowns based on how many Waitrose there are

Essential reading while eating essential halloumi

Sheffield ranks in top 20 fittest universities

We’re officially fitter than Leeds

Malala Yousafzai is coming to Oxford University

She’ll start her PPE course in September

Don’t try and cheat us, Sheffield is ruddy northern and these are all the reasons why

Block out the haters, we’re definitely not southern

Slide into their DMs: Hallam are using Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter to recruit freshers

Do they have Tinder too?

Meet the girl campaigning for ‘upskirting’ to be considered legally as sexual harassment

Upskirting is when a photo is taken of someone’s crotch without their consent

Sheffield Uni left out of NSS after student boycott

Other boycotters include Oxford and Cambridge

UCL becomes first uni to accept sign language as equivalent to a GCSE

Knowing BSL will now count towards UCL’s entry requirements

Sheffield graduate becomes Britain’s youngest doctor

He started his degree aged 17

Sheffield Students’ Union set to introduce ‘sniffer dogs’ and ‘ID scanners’ in response to student death

The decision comes after a review of their license

Student who died after taking MDMA at Sheffield Students’ Union has been named

22-year-old Joana Burns had just finished her degree in Mathematics

Let’s face it, ‘The Sugarhill Gang’ were the best gig in Sheffield this year

The hip-hop legends brought the house down

BNOC of the Year 2017: Masters Madheads

They’re old and they’re gold

UPDATE: Crystal Bar are ‘reviewing security procedures’ after woman is raped

They will be implementing changes before this weekend

76 per cent of University of Sheffield students are registered to vote

It’s down to a change in the registration process

Are you really a Sheffield student if you haven’t converted to Yorkshire Tea?

It’s a Yorkshire brew or nowt

Sheffield pub ranked in the top 20 coolest pubs in Britain

It used to be an Edwardian Refreshment Room

Flying via Amsterdam is cheaper than getting the train to London

£55 return flights versus £57 single train?!

It’s time to admit that Joni jeans are a waste of our time and money

The skinnies we love to hate and hate to love

A 16-year-old girl has died after being hit by a train at Meadowhall station

The police are not treating the incident as suspicious

Quidditch is a real sport and should be included in Varsity

Muggles welcome

Sheffield Students’ Union voted the best in the UK

This marks the ninth consecutive year of winning the award

Police claim Weston Park incident may not have involved an attacker

They are unable to rule out criminal behaviour altogether

Sheffield is the unhappiest and least safe city in the UK

Who makes up these surveys anyway

Every reason why the girls group chat is the best

There are no boundaries on the GC

Stormzy is coming to Sheffield

We’re just as surprised as you

Questions every English Literature student hates hearing

No, we don’t want to be English teachers

Everything you need to know about the Women’s Bus

Get home safely from Uni

Sheffield Uni is a top 100 LGBT-friendly employer

It ranked 88th in the UK

How to fake it at Roar

A guide for the non-sporty student

If your mum didn’t send you an advent calendar, does she even love you?

The ultimate test of your parents’ love

Rest in peace Sheffield Yik Yak

First years will never know the Wallace and Gromit memes

Sheffield ranked in top twenty universities in the UK

Hallam didn’t even make the rankings

How to spot a friend-squatter

They don’t actually live with you, but may as well

Man arrested for taxi rape has been released on bail

Investigations are ongoing

Woman raped in taxi in Sheffield city centre

It happened in the early hours of this morning

How to drink on a diet

Tiger Works’ ‘Awesome Foursome’ is 875 calories

Nicola Sturgeon is going host a lecture at the SU

Tickets sold out on the day they were released

Stagecoach bus fare back to £1

They tried to get away with charging £1.20

Former Hallam student to compete on The Apprentice

He calls himself ‘one perfect guy’

Our definitive guide to Sheffield freshers events

Your liver and wallet won’t be thanking us

Pop World announced as the 8th worst club in the country

The worst of the Carver Street bunch

Summer is the worst part of the uni year

Three months at home is way too long

The 6 stages of a Corp hangover

Aka a corpover

The Uni are giving away £1000 for the best business idea

You could win some big summer spending money

Face it, Sheffield is an infinitely better night out than London

Did someone say £1.50 doubles?

Where has the Ranmoor cat gone?

Please come back