It’s International Women’s History Month: here’s what you need to know

Who run the world? Girls

March is International Women’s History Month and Women’s Committee have organised a number of events to celebrate it. There is a lot going on and the events are generally open to all self-defining women or those with a complex gender identity, so make sure you get involved. There will also be a Herstory exhibition in the SU, celebrating famous women from a number of different fields. Here’s what’s going on:

7th: Feminism is dangerous?

This event looks at feminism’s white, ethnocentric history, and will focus on how feminism can become more intersectional.

8th: Inspirational women in our lives zine making and ‘Belle’ screening

At this weekly meeting, you can make mini magazines about inspirational women and head to the screening of ‘Belle’ at the SU cinema afterwards.

9th: Feminist beginner’s poetry

This is a 2 hour workshop with Poetry Society where you will be given tips for writing poetry as well as looking at the writing of other female poets.

10th: Feminist Friday Feminism 101

Feminist Fridays are monthly discussions in Coffee Revs that are open to all genders. This meeting will focus on the history of feminism and how you can get involved in feminist activities and campaigns at the university.

13th: Campaigning and activism workshop

This workshop will look at the basics of activism and can even help you to start up your own campaign.

14th: Liberate my curriculum

The university curriculum tends to focus on the works of white men. Come along to this talk to learn how you can change your curriculum.

15th: Weekly meeting, charity bake sale, and wall of women

The wall of women event will be a talk from the Faculty Director for Women in Engineering about women’s contribution to the male dominated engineering field.

16th: Tory women and feminism after suffrage, FGM talk and discussion

Dr Julie Gottlieb from the History Faculty will talk about the links between gender and politics leading up to the Second World War. At the FGM talk and discussion, Ashiana Sheffield Training Officer Mayoma Usen will be talking about her personal experience with FGM and how we can challenge misconceptions about it.

17th: Poetry slam open mic

In their second collaboration with Poetry Society, Women’s Committee are hosting a poetry slam where participants are invited to read their poems on the topics of gender and inequality.

21st: Intro to STEM-inism 

This event will discuss the challenges women face in STEM fields, and celebrate women who have been successful in these areas.

22nd: Weekly meeting on trendy feminism and talk by Gillian Gehring

Gillian Gehring was the first and, so far, the only female Professor of Physics at Sheffield. She will give a talk about women and science.

23rd: Coppafeel talk with a boobette 

Coppafeel is a charity set up to raise awareness about breast cancer. There will be a talk by a young woman who has had first hand experience with breast cancer and you can learn how to raise awareness yourself.

27th: Debate on menstrual leave

The topic of menstrual leave has been very divisive. Come along to this debate in Coffee Revs to hear both sides of the argument.

28th: Weekly meeting and women and climate justice 

Tina Rothery, an anti-fracking activist, will give a talk about her experiences campaigning for climate justice and how you can get involved.