If you don’t own these items are you even a student at Sheffield Uni?

You may as well turn in your UCard now if you have to ask what ‘Corp shoes’ are

Every University has its quirks that its students will know all to well. For an outsider, the plastic frisbee freebee from the Freshers fair might seem like a pointless keepsake. But at Sheffield, we know that in years to come its the little things that will have us reminiscing about your first Balti King or that time your housemate stacked it down the Corp staircase.


Misplacing your Ucard is possibly one of the most tragic incidents that may ever happen to you. It is not simply just a card you shove behind the Nandos loyalty card in your purse. The Ucard is sacred to all Sheffield University students. It is the golden ticket to the IC and poppy tee’s, and the reason we can get student discount (halelujah). For the rest of your existence you will always remember that reference number printed in bold and you will forever regret the photo your innocent fresher self uploaded during the dreaded registration process.

 Expired Dominos vouchers

I can tell you now that the free dominos pizza voucher you get during every freshers week will be one of the only occasions you actually purchase the cheesy goodness of a Dominos, not forgetting the garlic and herb dip of course (like it or leave it). For the duration of the year you will inevitably resort to Oasis or Pizza Mania for some cheaper and no doubt much needed hangover grub. Nevertheless the vouchers continue to roll in, enticing you with the ‘Winter Warmer Deal’ that still costs an arm and a leg.

Corp Shoes

Corp attire may change depending on what day you step foot in Corp and inhale a blue pint or two, but footwear is a different story entirely. If you truly love your shoes, you will under no circumstance march them onto the Corp dance floor unless you plan on wearing your shoes on your hands. Yes if you truly love your shoes you will go to Primark and grab a cheap pair to see you through. If you are yet to experience Corp, be aware that your shoes will be unrecognisable by the end of the night.

Varsity merchandise

A t-shirt, a hoodie, a poster, those blow up things you hit together to make a hideous sound? Whatever the item, you are bound to find one of these in the belongings of a Sheffield student. Varsity is the time of year where the enemy lines become stronger and you feel the most patriotic for your uni. Whether you’re into sport or not, you can bet you’ll find yourself painting black and gold stripes on your face. Bet you’re even looking at the varsity poster you stole from last years Ice Hockey game on your pin board as you’re reading this.

Bleed black and gold

A Winter Coat

When the Winter months approach, every Sheffield student knows it is time to bring out the big coat. More than likely the Southern freshers will be seen around campus shivering through the deathly wind trap between the Arts Tower and Western Bank, wishing they had believed the rumours of the Northern climate. If you are still without this vital necessity, you had better head on down to Meadowhall asap.

Wavy garms for Tuesday Club

This Union night out is no Poppy tee’s or Roar. No cheesy old school tunes in sight. When it comes to Tuesday Club everyone has those go to items of clothing. An outfit for such occasion will simply not suffice if it is without glitter, mesh, some ripped jeans, a choker and of course a pair of trainers.

City Taxis keyring

Every Sheffield student will recall the red city taxis keyring they received on their first day. Since then, city taxis have been our saviours in getting us from A-B whilst heavily intoxicated. If you’re thinking right now that you have never been in a city taxi, you have. You were just too drunk to remember.

Picture with Rory

No one should go to Roar without striking a pose with our favourite mascot, Rory. Somehow he always manages to look in tip top shape for the camera. The same can’t be said for all the societies stumbling into Roar after a fatal bar crawl down West Street.

Roary aka bae

Loyalty Cards

These famous bar crawls are made even more lethal by the loyalty cards issued by your society or a generous pal willing to share the glorious discount. Some of our favourites have to be Tiger Works, Revs, Soyo, Huttons, Walkabout and lets not forget Bar one. Two Bar one burgers for a tenner and cheaper alcohol, what more could you want?

Plant from the Union plant Sale

Under no circumstances will we miss the plant sale. You can’t not get excited when the plant sale comes to the student union at the beginning of term. An addition of a plant on your windowsill or bedside table seems to make all the difference to your uni bedroom. And everyone knows its the cactus that takes a Sheffield’s student fancy.

And lets not forget the Poster Sale

If a student went to the plant sale, they probably went to the poster sale to. There is something very satisfying and rewarding when covering up a plain wall with a poster that is probably alcohol related with some witty words of wisdom. Either way you can guarantee over fifty percent of students own one of these posters.

Evidence of what Course you do

The free canvas bags given to students are constantly circulating the campus. Even if a student just uses it to bag their lunch or shopping, there is a certain amount of comfort in knowing that people can see you do actually do a degree and don’t spend all, though arguably most, of your time sleeping.


A tapestry is another staple for any university flat or house. They certainly make a statement and add to the asthetic of the room whilst making a fabulous backdrop for the pre-going out photos. Most of the time they’re very pleasing to the eye. Looking directly into a tapestry once the alcohol hits is arguably a different story. Indeed it can cause one to feel even more unsteady. The symmetry and circular pattern is just too much for the vodka induced body to handle.

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