Your ultimate guide to Galentine’s Day in Sheffield

Treat yo self

On a day devoted to romance, love and vomit-inducing displays of affection, you may find yourself feeling a bit down in the dumps. No, I’m not bitter, in fact I love relationships and am a professional third wheeler but it’s important to still have fun on Valentine’s Day if you’re single.

So don’t stay in alone and cry into your ice cream, get your single girlfriends together and celebrate your love for each other instead.

Shop till you drop

The money many choose to spend on Valentine’s Day is sure to make you question how many cookies you could buy yourself or all the choco-milkos in West Street Live you could neck for that money. For most, university means tightening your belt so why not treat yo self on Galentine’s Day and take advantage of your single status and spend some of your well-saved money.

Take a trip to Meadowhall and buy that cute skirt you’ve wanted or that makeup you’ve lusted over for months. By the end of your day of shopping you’ll be armed with the resources you need to make sure you look your best for the next night out with your pals.

The perfect night in

When planning the perfect evening in with your friends, remember to factor in the ultimate uplifting film. 10 Things I Hate About You is definitely a winner in this category, featuring the self-sufficient Kat, an icon for all girls out there. Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect are definitely an easy watch and John Tucker Must Die is unparalleled if you find yourself getting over a messy break up on this dreaded day. Any of these girlie films, in fact any film that will have you celebrating girl power, is a must watch!

Not for the first time, the girls gave thanks for the creation of Just Eat

Embrace being in a relationship with pizza

Pizza won’t lie, cheat or break your heart, so call me crazy but eating my bodyweight in takeaway accompanied by a gallon of wine sounds like the ideal night. Try to stay clear of the questionable Broomhill off-licence wine and maybe even treat yourself to some prosecco – you deserve it.

For your own safety, have your friends round to help you undertake this task – anyway, swiping right to Sheffield’s finest on tinder is no fun on your own. The winning combination of food, alcohol and a good chick-flick means you’re guaranteed to have just as good a night as all the loved up couples. So go on, embrace Galentine’s Day (you know you want to).

Domino’s is the one

Drinks with your gal pals

Instead of trying to dull the pain with endless bottles of wine at home, you could take advantage of the huge number of pubs and bars in Sheffield. Head down to West Street and impose on the couples gazing at each other from across the table. Order a large pitcher of sex on the beach because it’s probably the closest thing you’ll get to sex that day, and get suitably pissed with your best friends. You may get some pitiful looks from the bar staff after your third but is there anything better? I think not. Remember keep it classy (or don’t).

A pitcher a day keeps the boys away

Who needs cock when you have cocktails?

Been dying to try the renowned cocktails from The Great Gatsby? Well this is the perfect excuse. Division Street is a great place for a cute cocktail night with your friends. If you really want to celebrate Galentine’s Day in style then your best bet is The Forum, offering a night of great food, alcohol, girl-power anthems and a screening of Clueless to convince you that you don’t need a man to have a good time on this sickening day. And they have a ‘Patriarchy Pinata’ what better way to celebrate?

Only the best day of the year ? #forumsheffield #galentines #clueless

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Hit the town

If drinks and pizza won’t cut it, don’t fear! Leadmill is hosting a Valentine’s silent disco so you can party your troubles away with singles and couples alike. Plug is also offering the opportunity to find true love at their headphone disco with love potion cocktails and free love candy (whatever that is).

Whether you choose to start drinking from noon at home or head out in Sheffield in search of a good time, rejoice in your freedom and enjoy being a single pringle on Galentine’s Day.

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