Clubbers of the week: ROAR edition

The sports teams show us how its done


As the end of first semester looms, you’ve all been celebrating in style with the hopes of seeing out 2016 in Sheffield with a bang. Here is a selection of Roar’s finest this week.

Stunners of the week

Loving life.



Casual crutch of the week

Crutches? You’re on crutches

Unsuccessful lean in of the week

“Don’t even think about it”

Most bizarre pose of the week

C’mon now

Mood improvement of the week

Sad panda/puppy hybrids



Heartbroken expression of the week

Looking right because bae left x

Sensible footwear of the week

Why on earth would you go for heels when trainers are that comfy? Good call

Dubious expression of the week


Dynamic side-split of the week

The sheer leg span is a sight to behold.

Most chaos in one photo

I mean even Rory looks concerned, which is a feat

Contortion of the week

All that yoga is paying off then

(Photos by Leo Bojesen)