Man chops off his own toe and eats it in Wilkos

He used bolt cutters from the electronics aisle

On Sunday morning, shoppers in Wilkos in the city centre were horrified to witness a man cut off his own big toe and eat it.

The incident took place in the electronics section, where he picked up some bolt cutters and then proceeded to chop off his toe, before eating it. Shoppers were understandably alarmed, but workers “took swift action” to help the man and call emergency services to the site.

A spokesperson said: “We thank our team members for their prompt action in dealing with a difficult situation and we have offered them support where needed”.

The area was cordoned off whilst police and forensics examined the area. It has now been thoroughly cleaned and the shop is open as usual.

The man is still recovering in hospital. There was no one else involved and this incident is not being treated as a crime. Hopefully he will receive help once his foot has recovered.